[Stable Update] 2018-08-18 - Kernels, Xorg-Server, Mesa, Deepin, MATE, Perl, Python



very smooth and nice update just one single issue after updating the LibreOffice from 6.0.6 to 6.1.0 it turns from dark to light theme


Three machines with around 280 updates per machine all XFCE and 4.17 kernel.

Laptop with Nvidia 304 already switched to Nouveau (knew they were going to kill it) with no issues. Another machine with Nvidia 340 and no issues with Xorg 1.20. (One machine rolling since 2013 install).

Thank you testers for making this massive update flawless!


I had problem with modules not loading after installing the 4.18 kernel.
Manually updating the grub solved the problem. :grinning:


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There is no OpenCL support within the opensource Drivers. It depends on your card/generation if you can use OpenCL at all.

Your situation sounds like if you’re a user of an Topaz class card. This one is known for that…


Just finished updating 3 machines running XFCE. Huge numbers of updates, but no issues.

Thank you for all your hard work.


Xorg won’t start after the update.
I opened a separate thread.


Actually suceeded a second time on another computer.

Behold my power!! :smiling_imp:


Updates seem fine, but hibernation doesn’t work for me with kernel 4.18. Compared to 4.17 I have found this in kernel log:

[drm:c_create [amdgpu]] *ERROR* DC: Number of connectors is zero!

I have Radeon RX Vega M which gained support in 4.18. But not correct one it seems. Anyone else experiencing this issue?


…& so 19 hrs later… Tower’s Stable KDE also updated nicely. Great work @philm & colleagues/team.

So it goes. :relaxed:


@sng @rbrick49 @Yorper @admdb @madmarv @hanny @themew @kdemeoz


I’m sorry, but these no content posts only add noise to the update threads. If your update went fine, please just respond to the poll and/or give Phil a like. I’m reading this thread for issues and solutions, not “+1”.


Your humble apology is accepted. :upside_down_face:


Positive feedback projects a positive image to the general public, it’s a good thing. Just scan for what you are interested. :smile:

If all the replies were negative … projects a problematic distro.


Dont read them then. :roll_eyes:


The Manjaro team is also pleased about positive feedback.


It is accessible: if i delete it, it doesn’t reappear after restart.
I had a back up so i use it.


what is your prblem

  • Gotta uninstall ffmpeg2.8 (required by 4kdownload products except 4kstogram) first due to libx264 version conflict (weirdly, reinstalling later has no conflict)
  • PulseEffects lose sound, checking /etc/pulse I see a default.pa.pacnew, so I use the new one and add load-module module-dbus-protocol to fix

Other than those, everything looks good.


Sorry but I thought so far always positive feedback is welcome. So far I have never been attacked for anything like that. I’m just a little bit sad about that.


Im getting this what ever I try to use to update…

:: Starting full system upgrade…
:: Replace hunspell-en with extra/hunspell-en_AU? [Y/n] n
:: Replace hunspell-en with extra/hunspell-en_CA? [Y/n] n
:: Replace hunspell-en with extra/hunspell-en_GB? [Y/n] n
:: Replace hunspell-en with extra/hunspell-en_US? [Y/n] n
:: Replace libx264-10bit with extra/x264? [Y/n] n
:: Replace libx264-all with extra/x264? [Y/n] n
warning: vocal: local (2.2.0-3) is newer than community (2.2.0-2)
resolving dependencies…
looking for conflicting packages…
:: x264 and libx264-10bit are in conflict (libx264). Remove libx264-10bit? [y/N] n
error: unresolvable package conflicts detected
error: failed to prepare transaction (conflicting dependencies)
:: x264 and libx264-10bit are in conflict
Not sure what to do ? As a another user in the thread mentioned I will get a broken update.