[Stable Update] 2018-08-06 - Kernels, Plasma, Jade, Deepin, Firefox, Haskell



Thanks @rahulprabhakar and @j77h! Guess I am just not used to slow/crappy connections anymore. pacman -Syyu generally runs an finishes in a couple of minutes at home or at work. #firstworldproblems


Update without problems apart from the loss of French translation in deepin-terminal as well as in pamac I have no ideas why in addition deepin-terminal is not part of the update
Back to Kernel: 4.17.9-1-MANJARO x86_64


After a restart, I can’t log in. Both keyboard and mouse (USB, if that matters) are unresponsive at login screen. Unplugging and pluging them back didn’t help.

How to solve this?


The problem was in the previous update (2018-07-22) with xf86-input-libinput. Downgrading it to the previous version (0.27.1-1) solves the problem.

[Stable Update] 2018-07-22 - Kernels, KDE, Gnome, Deepin, Mesa, Browsers, PHP

Update went without a hitch on my install of Manjaro Deepin.


I had the same issue, but I am using Gnome and I see you are KDE. I am using a Logitech M510 USB mouse. What are you using? I tried a different kernel and that did not help me and I’m locked out of using TTY to access my system, so I’ll be interested in seeing what others come up with.


My 3D performance took a nosedive. Before the update I was getting 50-60 fps in the games I play, after the update I am getting 10-20. It is occurring in every game I try, both in wine and native.
I have an rx460 using the mesa driver.
Games tested:
Shadow of Mordor
Victor Vran
Diablo III (using dxvk in 64 bit mode and galium9 in 32bit mode)


You don’t have it anymore? What did you do?

Couple of months ago I switched to XFCE, but the login screen remained from the KDE version.

Logitech MX518 mouse. Vertex Race 3 keyboard.

I have the same behaviour on 4.14 and 4.9 kernel. Also locked out of TTY. (Keyboard works on GRUB screen)


I recently lost keyboard also, manjaro mate. Weird since i need to select boot device to boot into manjaro there, so keyboard works fine in bios mode.


Where’s some love for AMD? :disappointed:


It means the newer refind has been downloaded and put into the indicated directory. If you want to use it, some manual copying and maybe editing is needed per the brief instructions provided.


After update to system running majaro/i3, public key login w ssh has stopped working and correct password is not accepted over ssh. As I am now remote, I can not login to explore. Anyone else see this behavior?


After the last update on Gnome, dash icons are not loaded in correctly. A random set of icons are Gnome Default, no matter the theme.
This goes away if I log out (not reboot) and then back in again.

I have experienced this on XORG before (in vanilla Arch Linux), but never on Wayland.


I’ve managed to boot my live-USB and with manjaro-chroot to enable autologin, so I skip the login screen where my keyboard and mouse are “disconnected”.

Now it boots straight to the desktop - but the problem remains!

Please, any ideas how to get back my keyboard and mouse?
Do I revert the update of some packages? Which ones?
Do I switch to testing/unstable branch?


Please check /var/log/pacman.log to see which packages got updated on your end. Might give you a clue to start your search on the matter.


Here are the contents of it: http://ix.io/1jI7

I’m a beginner, I don’t know what I’m looking for. Any advice is welcome.



I have searched this forum to see if previously people had similar problems. And somebody mentioned xf86-input-libinput, so I decided to downgrade it back to 0.27.1-1 version (the current version is 0.28.0-1 - it was part 2018-07-22 update, but I only updated my system now).

After the downgrade, my mouse and keyboard work normally.

(cc @steve_dude)


Good to know, I love to learn about Linux. Unfortunately for me I’ve had to move on from Manjaro. Too many issues for my particular system of late. My system is going on 7 yrs old so it’s me not them :wink:

I switched to Solus and fingers-crossed, so far, so good. I’ve been watching that project as well as MX Linux which is probable suited better for me. Learned a lot though and everyone here is great.


My system is older than yours :wink: and this was the first time I had the problems with Manjaro in 9 months I’ve been using it. When I switched to it I expected much more problems - I’m pleasantly surprised with Manjaro and quite spoiled :slight_smile:


There Is A Bug Related To NetworkManager or network as a whole.
wifi reported speed is unknown
/sys/class/net/wlan1/speed outputs Invalid argument
iwconfig reports speed fine
iwlist wlan1 bitrate outputs
wlan1 unknown bit-rate information.
then outputs speed fine Current Bit Rate=121.5 Mb/s
Any Solution/Workaround?


So you found a regression with xf86-input-libinput and your hardware. What would be the output of hwinfo --mouse --keyboard? The changes between 0.27.1 and 0.28.0 seem to be really small. One of it might create a regression on your end.