[Stable Update] 2018-07-24 - Kernels, Pacman-Mirrors, Vulkan, Nvidia



Which setting get loaded?



XFCE, 4.14.57

Everything seems to be running fine, and there were no hiccups during install.

Thanks for the great work!


hi, everyone.
i get this error after update during grub boot splash:

“… acpi_call: Cannot get handle: Error: AE_NOT_FOUND”

may laptop is Asus X455LAB ci3 - 5005
Manjaro-Deepin kernel: 4.17.9-1-MANJARO


Xfce, 417 kernel.

No issues whatsoever.

Thanks to everyone who contributed for all of your hard work! As a Linux newbie, I appreciate a smooth-running system.


Kde blur bug :frowning:


yes i hv an old nvidia GPU exactly the 525m


i don’t think it’s and issue with kde blur but the elements on the lists keeps highlighting even when the cursor is not over them


i noticed that the issue doesn’t happen on the desktop

but happens when you right click on other elements over the desktop like the icons and start menu


I didn’t fully understood what are you asking unfortunately.


KDE bug #395262.

VLC right click

Well after updating kde screenlock doesn´t work :frowning:
Screen goes black but no lock enabled


Me too



This is exactly why emoji reactions were added so it’s possible to add a :+1: instead of posting a “me too” post.

Look: ↓


Thanks for pushing the Chrome update tonight :slight_smile:


Sorry, It won’t happen again :cry::sweat_smile:
PD: I hope this apology doesn’t count itself as power-posting


Update on 12 Machines and 1 VB without Problems.



Manjaro XFCE. Quite good update, thanks. I have found two problems: volumes in Thunar don’t have an unmount button. And now every time the system starts I get a question about geolocation permissions for redshift in the notification area. If I don’t click “Yes”, redshift doesn’t start anymore:


I know that I can give my location to redshift in parameters, but it’s a bit annoying.


Updated one KDE system with no problems.


After this update GDM freezes on boot. It loads GDM but nothing works. My mouse is not working and it doesn’t respond to my keyboard, so no switching to shell. Only thing that works is typing “SysRq+reisub” to reboot.

This is on both the 414 and 417 kernels.

I checked gdm.conf by booting into single user mode and wayland is disabled, so it shouldn’t be Wayland interfering with my Nvidia 1070 GPU, which was the first thing i thought about.


I think, it will be great if ISOs get updated every time stable update is out, automatically. It can save much time after installing, but there will be a lot of unexpected issues, of course. So it is not worth now, but some years later with good automatic testing it can become very handy.