[Stable Update] 2018-06-01 - Kernels, Pamac, Pacman 5.1, QT 5.11, Deepin, Browsers



Thnak you. I can not understand english very well and so I understand nothing in this link :frowning:

Ok, then I think I take risk an update.


After reboot every thing is well!


Hi,how can install ffmpeg2.8 cose i need this? Thanks!


It will need to be installed from the AUR. How to here: https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=AUR or search the main boards of the forum.

Btw, what is it needed for?


Why i need ffmpeg2.8? Its very immportant dependency for 4Kvideodownloader for ex! I try from AUR but,





sudo pacman -U https://manjaro.moson.eu/pool/overlay/pamac-6.4.0-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

If that doesn’t help, please fill out a bug-report and @guinux may take a look at it.


FYI, if you have issues saving read articles as such in QuiteRSS, that’s because it seems to have an incompatibility with Qt 5.11. You can fix this by disabling “store DB in memory”.

Also, the package has been flagged out of date on Arch: 0.18.11 has been released last week.

Quiterss forget all the feeds

The transition from Qt 5.10 to Qt 5.11 lets some application programs (in my case one, Cantata, to me the best client for the mpd Music Player Daemon) malfunction, since some things are done differently in 5.11 as compared to 5.10. I just hope that the mandatory modifications to such programs will come down the pipeline from Master to Arch Linux to Manjaro Stable as quickly as possible.

My case of Cantata is posted here on https://forum.manjaro.org/t/plasma-shell-crashed-after-update-2018-06-01-stable/48803/13?u=111milestogo and on https://github.com/CDrummond/cantata/issues/1301. Cantata has a new version (2.3.1, close to being released) which I hope to see arrive in Manjaro Stable as soon as possible.



Thanks for the input.

I did try the 6.4.0 version of Pamac but it still has the same problem.

I have filed a bug report.


i just encountered a problem with using trizen - when trying to install it couldn’t read the /etc/makepkg.conf.
The file was set to permissions 700 - changing it to 755 made trizen work again.
I’m not sure what permissions should be set and if they had been changed in this update (or maybe while i merged the changes via kompare?)
But in case anyone encounters the same issue: sudo chmod 755 /etc/makepkg.conf should solve it - unless other permissions are more advisable?


I actually did debate using the heart vs actually posting - there are so many “all good” posts in here, it seemed appropriate.
Duly noted.


Hey everyone, I got an error while updating (see bold below). I have not used kernel49 for a long time and have been using kernel415 (FYI - moving to 416 after reboot). Prob won’t use Kernel49, so maybe I just should not worry about the error. My question is, does this mean the Kernel would be broken? My machine is a ‘converted’ Chromebook with Xfce, and have had no issues in the past.
Thanks everyone for really awesome OS!

(2/17) Updating linux49 initcpios
==> Building image from preset: /etc/mkinitcpio.d/linux49.preset: ‘default’
-> -k /boot/vmlinuz-4.9-x86_64 -c /etc/mkinitcpio.conf -g /boot/initramfs-4.9-x86_64.img
==> Starting build: 4.9.105-1-MANJARO

==> Generating module dependencies
==> Creating gzip-compressed initcpio image: /boot/initramfs-4.9-x86_64.img
==> Image generation successful
==> Building image from preset: /etc/mkinitcpio.d/linux49.preset: ‘fallback’
-> -k /boot/vmlinuz-4.9-x86_64 -c /etc/mkinitcpio.conf -g /boot/initramfs-4.9-x86_64-fallback.img -S autodetect
==> Starting build: 4.9.105-1-MANJARO
-> Running build hook: [base]
-> Running build hook: [udev]
-> Running build hook: [modconf]
-> Running build hook: [block]
error: command failed to execute correctly


Probably…? :smile:

Better off doing
sudo mkinitcpio -P
sudo update-grub


Are they? I hope not, I actually use them and would like them to remain. :slight_smile:


Run sudo update-grub again, it will complete successfully the next time.


@grinner, much thanks.
I’m not really clear on the ‘mkinitcpio -P’ command, but am guessing it generates ‘global’ presets that alter the initramfs (initial ram environments) for ALL installed kernels. Another of my (probably poor) assumptions: but seems like my current Kernel415 should survive a reboot, and only the Kernel49 will be broken. So this means that I am safe to reboot my computer now and then execute your recommended commands AFTER rebooting? I have not rebooted since the update. I know it seems like a dumb question, but can’t risk borking my converted ChromeBook due to Kernel415 also not loading (again, I’m moving to Kernel416 after reboot).
Sincere thanks for those commands - having a backup Kernel49 WOULD be a good thing.
Thx, will follow yr suggestion.


Yep, that’s pretty much it. Have a look here if interested: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Mkinitcpio. If you have only 415 (which was not updated since EOL) and 49 installed then jonathan’s command will suffice. Mkinitcpio was playing it safe (it won’t hurt) in case you had other kernels installed. :grin: (And yes, 415 should have been fine to reboot but no harm in updating grub now just in case.)


i don’t know, i’ve not found any indication that they are.
maybe @philm can clarify the changes to the default makepkg.conf?


Just got the updated version of Pamac.

Works good !!