[Stable Update] 2018-02-25 - Kernels, Plasma, Mesa, Systemd, QT5, Browsers



Ops… Sorry… Need a little correction… Let me correct it and thank you for report…


Still got error: libzita-resampler.so.1 exists. Deleted it and no problems.


Update went well except the libzita-resampler.so.1-issue. The workaround is actually only mentioned in the thread for the testing update, should be added in the wiki post in this thread as well. :slight_smile:


You can do this yourself - it is a wiki post! Simply copy the workaround from the testing thread and paste it in this one :slight_smile:


Completely without problem on 2 platforms, Asus Z270 desktop & Late 2011 MacBookPro. Many thanks to the team.


Well, that was pretty unexpected.

In Testing 2018-02-23 updates, we got the transition from 1.6.0-1 to 1.6.0-2. This transition is known to cause issue when updating, so known that Arch published an announcement on their website especially for that.

However, in stable, the transition is supposed to be from 1.3.0-5 to 1.6.0-2, not 1.6.0-1 -> 1.6.0-2. Personally, I updated zita-resampler from 1.3.0-5 to 1.6.0-2 two times (first in testing on my main computer because I skipped Testing 2018-02-22 which gave version 1.6.0-1, then in stable right now on my laptop) and I didn’t get this problem. Maybe I got lucky, or a few people got unlucky?


thanks for that hint…done :slight_smile:


I am currently running Kernel: x86_64 Linux 4.15.5-1-MANJARO and have not downgraded libinput. No issues with the jittery mouse cursor with my touchpad now, but as @sueridgepipe has stated, the issue has been intermittent. Keeping fingers crossed that the issue has been resolved with the latest round of updates, and will report back if the jitter issue returns.

What’s been weird though is that before today’s update was applied, when I first turned on my laptop, mouse function was normal, but the jitter started after a few minutes of use.


That would be an interesting information to put in the OP’s change list.


Alredy done … check the wiki post :wink:


Another smooth update. Thanks to everyone involved!


I lost my trackpad altogether–it’s not reading any input at all. I downgraded libinput, changed kernels, but I still don’t have a trackpad. Any ideas?


xfce4 update with 4.14 series kernel no issues. Thanks all.


Thanks Manjaro Team… great work you’ve done

but I noticed an issue regarding missing signature if I downgrade the libinput package

error: '/var/cache/pacman/pkg/libinput-1.9.4-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz': package missing required signature

Edit: I sorted it out by changing the /etc/pacman.conf file for SigLevel to Optional
does it hurt anything ?


No issues, 2x XFCE systems.


both my systems went okay, with KDE when I clicked on the application launcher to go and restart the computers, it made kwin restart by the looks of it as everything went black and reloaded. but it’s not surprising given the updates applied to see this happen


In my case I just downloaded the tar file and installed it locally. It didn’t resolve my problem, however.


Create a separate topic, please. Try to describe precisely what is going on.

Why is everybody posting “mee too” posts here?


I’ve been waiting for months for an update that breaks my system to flavour hop from KDE to Xfce, but everything went smoothly again.


Still getting cpu usage 100% with kernels 4.14 and 4.15
process: systemd-udevd
Package presenting problem: bluez-hid2hci