[Stable Update] 2018-01-12 - Kernels, Microcodes, Nvidia, Firefox, Boost, Cleanup



Octopi didn’t show me the update. I had to run first:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f10 && sudo pacman -Syy


All fine but disappointed to see Intel not updating the microcode for older CPUs:

$ dmesg | grep microcode
[    0.000000] microcode: microcode updated to rev. 0x29, date = 2013-06-12
[    0.714735] microcode: sig=0x206a7, pf=0x2, revision=0x29
[    0.714974] microcode: Microcode Update Driver: v2.2.

At least the chromium update today heped to mitigate the Spectre vulnerability:


The update works fine -no problems.

Thank you to the manjaro-team :ok_hand:



I was having the same issue for the last few updates but from what I was reading on the issue, I believe the problem has been resolved with this update. I will have to wait until more updates are available to confirm.


No updates are shown because mirrors need some time to catch up, just wait and/or check:


I wonder if this mirocode update cause even more performance impact as KPTI did.
So now our setup of mitigation of these vulnerabilities consist in:
Intel microcode(cpu level) + KPTI(kernel level) + GCC(userspace level).
FIX=3(Impact). And even worse that this update will available to 5th gen cpus and upwards, leaving a lot of cpus vulnerable.


It is expected to slow older CPUs even more. Remember: Fixing this issue for real needs new hardware. I expect CPUs from 2020 might have a real hardware fix for this. Also I always recommend to use AMD CPUs over Intel crap.


Or waiting of a behind-the-scenes-over-time company that has a x86 license as phoronix mentioned.
It’s a chinese company.


Yup same issue here, bit annoying to be honest

Looks like the US server is having a conniption


I always sync with mirrors for update and change my uuid.


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No seriously the US server is like super slow and or unresponsive.
My update download feels very slow right now


Here is a guideline if your INTEL CPU got patched or not:

  • check your system with dmesg | grep microcode before update
  • update your system and check again
  • go to the Debian Changelog and compare your CPU ID and microcode version of changelog. Versions from 2017-11 onward mean updated microcodes.


Better to re-rank mirrors, I always do so before update.


We are Europe based and these are our Tier 1 Servers (Mirror Netzspielplatz syncs every 5 min):

Mirror Country Protocol Last Update Stable Testing Unstable
www.uex.dk/public/manjaro Denmark https 00:01 Up to date Up to date Up to date
mirror.netzspielplatz.de/manjaro/packages Germany https 00:01 Up to date Up to date Up to date
repo.stdout.net/manjaro Germany https 00:02 Up to date Up to date Up to date


I thought there were some US based mirrors?
Based on my old updates there was a US server at some point


They exist. The current status on them:

Mirror Country Protocol Last Update Stable Testing Unstable
mirror.dacentec.com/manjaro United States http 00:12 Out of date Up to date Up to date
mirror.math.princeton.edu/pub/manjaro United States https 00:13 Out of date Up to date Up to date
mirror.clarkson.edu/manjaro United States https 02:24 Out of date Up to date Out of date
mirrors.ocf.berkeley.edu/manjaro United States https 02:33 Out of date Up to date Out of date
distro.ibiblio.org/manjaro United States http 08:53 Out of date Up to date Out of date
mirror.solarvps.com/manjaro United States http N/A Unknown Unknown Unknown



Hope the maintainers didnt get kidnapped by aliens from outer space or something, downloading from Europe is not exactly on my “things that are fun to do” list


Mirrors decide how often they sync. When I update some or our European mirrors sync right away or in shorter cycles. It always take time that all mirrors catch up. You can always check yourself via our mirror check service.


First: nearest server isn’t necessarily the fastest, that’s why I re-rank.
Seccond: Use vpn and it’s fine(and no fear of what you said)
Third: net neutrally is zero even in us(and even worse, so vpn is the path)