[Stable Update] 2017-09-30 - Timeshift, Kernels, Nvidia, JADE, Haskell, JDK9, Snap Support



With replacing the gnome-shell-theme.gresource like I wrote above, I have back the old behavior.
Shell theme works fine and also the gdm login screen is reset to stock.


This afternoon i have removed the gnome-manjaro-theme dependence and added in the optional dependence… i have also modified the hook to install this… is unstable manjaro-gnome-settings , adapta-maia-theme and gnome-manjaro-maia-theme … at the moment i can’t move in other branch because i’m not at home ( i can later or tomorrow) … ,but what i don’t understand is why you have this beaviour … in my pc all adapta theme and manjaro stuff are installed but i can use adwaite theme… my pkgs not add any conflicts with adwaita so where i can find the issue ?

Unfortunally in testing any feedback reported issue so i not track this…


I got a ~400mb update. After updating, the lock screen looks very different which I like. However the wallpaper is slightly messed up as half is on the monitor and half is on the laptop. How can I fix this? I got another weird issue with gnome.

As you can see there are black bars and squares around some options. I am using arc-dark gtk theme.
Hope I can get this fixed asap :slight_smile:

Manjaro Gnome 17.05 stable.


Yeap, similar problem that I had with Numix themes. Now on adapta-breath that works fine, vimix themes also seems to work fine


17.1 Hakoila come with adapta-manjaro themes . Please drop any arc theme . Arc theme is un maintened in upstream …


Yep in manjaro repo only adapta is ready ( and of course adwaita) for gnome …


So I have to use something other than Arc-dark? What do you recommend?

How do I fix the lock screen?


Try one of the adapta themes if like it … otherwise paper theme , system76 theme ( i don’t remember the name ) and any theme where you see recent update…


Tried adapta and it also has the black bar issue.

Edit: nvm it works lolol


I can speak only for a standard manjaro gnome installation … your behavior is possible caused by extension or other tweak… what dark bar you see?
What is nvm?


@Ste74 this solves it for me:
in /usr/share/gnome-shell

So the gresource is broken somehow?



This is what the black bars are. I use arc because everything else looks bad.

nvm = never mind


Is a possibility… check my install and remove script how work…

I think a old version of this script cause the issue but is only a theory


So in gnome tweak if you select adapta-maia/breath/gtk theme and also in gnome shell you select the respective theme you continue to have the issue?


No, I do not have the issue but I want to revert to how it was before the update. I like the lock screen but I want to use Arc-Dark. Is the black bar thing caused by gdm or something?


Your PKGBUILD links to a 404 error.


To be clear you can try to revert the gdm look how @pux suggest since my last hook not arrive in stable but you have to consider this gnome 3.26 is near to be released and arc theme ( the original theme by horst ) no containe update for gnome 3.26 or gtk 4 … so i disagree if you use this theme …


All binary is build with the pkgbuild in our community repo, check adapta-manjaro-themes in community repo :wink:


Other than Adapta what themes work?


Seems Vimix-gtk-themes-git (from AUR) works fine on my machine