[Stable Update] 2017-09-16 - Kernels, Mesa, VirtualBox, Pamac, KDE, GCC, Removal of OpenRC



Anyway, smooth update as usual


Smooth update on KDE Plasma with Linux Kernel 4.13!


agreed on pamac: search is the thing i always use and i want it first/default. the other changes: i didn’t want them but they don’t bother me, so if they make someone else happy, why not?


Hi, I get the following error after trying to update:
"unable to satisfy dependecy ‘gcc-libs=7.2.0-2’ required by gcc"
This was a fresh install of the Gnome Edition made 2 days ago and this was first update ever (didn’t thinker much with the system at all yet). Cheers :slight_smile:


You need to switch your gcc-* packages into multilib version


I am on OpenRC and did not get any updates since 17.03
In all fairness you can’t blame Manjaro for something you screwed up.



do you mean …

Or “you guys rock!” @philm
I agree ether way, this distro is moulded by genius. Nice jump foreword with pamac!

Oh and again , no issues…


If you’re looking for a GUI program for information about packages installed on your system or information about packages available for installation, I would suggest PkgBrowser. It’s in the Manjaro community repos and blows both Octopi and Pamac out of the water as an information resource, but it is just a browser…it can’t install or remove anything.


100% smooth update on my machine. As always, thanks to Phil, core team & everyone who helped with upstream testing. Much appreciated!

More power to you all.

Ruziel :slight_smile:


Got this problem:


Refresh your mirrors :

sudo pacman-mirrors -c all -f 5 -y
sudo pacman -Syu


Update works fine for me - thanks to all :grinning:



Well, Guillaume moved to the right direction we have in mind for pamac. In a later step we are adding support for snaps, as already been worked on with Canonical:


Updated two computers both running KDE-Version. After the update receiving e-mails with kmail wasn’t possible anymore. The server were not reachable. A restart of the computer helped.
So no issues here!


It doesn’t start with the 4.14 or 4.13 kernels. I had to revert to 4.12…


same for me - did the first 4.13 still work for you?


Another smooth update at this point. And a wee bit smaller, only around 400 to 450MB. :roll_eyes::grinning:


went smooth except “warning: /etc/locale.gen installed as /etc/locale.gen.pacnew” "warning: /etc/pamac.conf installed as /etc/pamac.conf.pacnew


IMHO, Pamac was good and now it has bonus ability. very nice!
It didn’t lose any feature, so no need to complain.


I felt the same way as you when I first saw Pamac v. 6.0. The lack of an app-store was one of the biggest things that drew me to Manjaro from Ubuntu/Mint in the first place. However I held off posting figuring I would give it a fair chance, while I definitely still prefer Pamac 5 it really isn’t that bad and I am sure I’ll get used to it.
I just wish it defaulted to a search box with all packages rather than the accessories menu. A toggle for the pictures would be nice too getting a huge list of brown boxes when searching for libraries is just visual clutter.

That said I have all faith in the Manjaro team and I am interested to see how things continue to develop.