[Stable Update] 2017-09-16 - Kernels, Mesa, VirtualBox, Pamac, KDE, GCC, Removal of OpenRC



Ah. AUR, yeah. Ran into the same thing.

You probably are reinstalling then, or migrating in some direction (per philm’s suggestions, or somewhere else).


My system don’t start. Good.

Yours doesn’t control AUR ok, and the mirrors? Who send this updates? This appear for magic form?


I think that i have time to Manjaro switch-off 32 bits in october to change the system, no in this mode.


Thanks for your great works!
I get this error when I try to update:

Failed to prepare transaction:
could not satisfy dependencies:
unable to satisfy dependency 'gcc=7.2.0-2' required by gcc-fortran


Try this:

sudo pacman -Sy gcc-fortran-multilib
sudo pacman -Su


Pamac now have pictures! And is still fast, it leaves the other software GUI stores eating dirt.
Thanks Manjaro team, you guys rocks!


It will …


The message about gcc slipped by me, even though I thought I read the op carefully :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: smooth update after that.


Thank you so much. It worked. I installed updates smoothly :slight_smile:


After update I no longer had sound in some programs – most notably two favorites cantata and pithos. Sound did work for deepin-music, audacity, and opera. Strange.

Found the post below in the forum. Deleting everything in ~/.config/pulse and rebooting fixed my problem:

Sound Coming from Google Chrome and Gnome Settings, but not VLC or GooBox
[Stable Update] 2017-09-23 - Kernels, Mesa, PulseAudio, GST, Python, Haskell

Hi there,

Unfortunately after the latest update and upgrading my kernel to 4.9, I couldn’t boot into my OpenRc machine, I get a “Inittab file not found” error

I’ve been able to chroot in etc and I tried switching to Systemd as suggested by @thefallenrat here

However, I run into errors with all packages, this is what I get;

pacman -S systemd libsystemd systemd-sysvcompat
resolving dependencies…
looking for conflicting packages…
:: systemd and eudev-systemd are in conflict (systemd-tools). Remove eudev-systemd? [y/N] y
:: systemd and eudev are in conflict (udev). Remove eudev? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and sysvinit are in conflict. Remove sysvinit? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and acpid-openrc are in conflict. Remove acpid-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and alsa-utils-openrc are in conflict. Remove alsa-utils-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and at-openrc are in conflict. Remove at-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and avahi-openrc are in conflict. Remove avahi-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and bluez-openrc are in conflict. Remove bluez-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and cpupower-openrc are in conflict. Remove cpupower-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and cronie-openrc are in conflict. Remove cronie-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and cryptsetup-openrc are in conflict. Remove cryptsetup-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and cups-openrc are in conflict. Remove cups-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and dbus-openrc are in conflict. Remove dbus-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and device-mapper-openrc are in conflict. Remove device-mapper-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and dhcpcd-openrc are in conflict. Remove dhcpcd-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and displaymanager-openrc are in conflict. Remove displaymanager-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and elogind are in conflict. Remove elogind? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and eudev-openrc are in conflict. Remove eudev-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and haveged-openrc are in conflict. Remove haveged-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and hdparm-openrc are in conflict. Remove hdparm-openrc? [y/N] y
:: libsystemd and libeudev are in conflict (libudev.so). Remove libeudev? [y/N] y
:: libsystemd and libeudev-systemd are in conflict. Remove libeudev-systemd? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and lvm2-openrc are in conflict. Remove lvm2-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and mdadm-openrc are in conflict. Remove mdadm-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and netifrc are in conflict. Remove netifrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and nfs-utils-openrc are in conflict. Remove nfs-utils-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and ntp-openrc are in conflict. Remove ntp-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and openssh-openrc are in conflict. Remove openssh-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and openvpn-openrc are in conflict. Remove openvpn-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and rpcbind-openrc are in conflict. Remove rpcbind-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and rsync-openrc are in conflict. Remove rsync-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and syslog-ng-openrc are in conflict. Remove syslog-ng-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and virtualbox-guest-utils-openrc are in conflict. Remove virtualbox-guest-utils-openrc? [y/N] y
:: systemd-sysvcompat and wpa_supplicant-openrc are in conflict. Remove wpa_supplicant-openrc? [y/N] y
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: device-mapper-nosystemd: removing eudev breaks dependency ‘eudev’
:: dhcpcd-nosystemd: removing eudev breaks dependency ‘eudev’
:: elogind-openrc: removing elogind breaks dependency ‘elogind’
:: elogind-openrc: removing eudev-openrc breaks dependency ‘eudev-openrc’
:: libusb-nosystemd: removing eudev breaks dependency ‘eudev’
:: lvm2-nosystemd: removing eudev breaks dependency ‘eudev’
:: openrc-sysvinit: removing sysvinit breaks dependency ‘sysvinit’
:: rpcbind-nosystemd: removing libeudev breaks dependency ‘libeudev’

Any help solving this issue, or the inittab one, would be great, either here or via private message, thanks!


Thank you. wanted updates.
Reboot makes miracle.


Pamac v. 6.0 is the worst version ever: it resemble more an app-store than a package manager, is relly less usable.
I hate it, there are any chance to return to the old interface?

Now it’s a totally different application (for dumbs, in my opinion)



I’m glad you think that way. Even if it took all this time :slight_smile:
May I suggest you give pacman and the terminal a go? There really is nothing like pacman. For AUR support, if you need it, I suggest either going manual and learn a lot about the Arch build system, or use pacaur.

But if you wish to discuss this further I suggest opening a new thread.


maybe add options for:

  • disable the applications’ icons
  • display the search items on the right (like previous versions)
  • display the applications’ names instead the generic name (example: xfce-appfinder only instead " Application Finder (xfce4-appfinder)"

could be the right way. In short: make the use able to use a more traditional package-manager interface if they want.


Love the new Pamac. :heart_eyes:
Wish the search box was back where it was always available. I used it like 8 times a day on average.


Please do this first :

sudo pacman -Rs sysvinit openrc eudev libeudev

But do it in chroot


Oh, come on. Its every bit as usable as before.
I would like the search box front and center, but other than that it work fast as always.

You are upset that something changed. I suggest Linux is the wrong platform for you.


Everything ok in here using kernel 4.13, the only problem i have is that my netbook screen resolution is 1024x600 and the pamac window is way too big for the screen so a portion of pamac is not viewable and because of that i can’t maximize the window or resize it. I use a’n external monitor that is 1366x768, havent tried with it because its broken and only turns on when theres high temperatures and humidity(i know wonders of technology).


I simply found the new interface less usable and dressed up with uneusefuf fancies and with a less intuitive search and information panel.
I just found old-style package managers like octopi and synaptic more usable.