[Stable Update] 2017-09-02 - Kernels, Calamares, Mesa, Firefox, Python



Nothing to worry. This easily happens with icon themes whenever gtk-update-icon-cache is unhappy with one or the other file name. I know that vibrancy-colors icons keep thowing this error but I was never able to actually find the reason. In any case all should work properly anyway :wink:


I was about to update my efl package as well.

Was that on wayland or X?


Both X and Wayland.
(I see I am not the only.)


Update on 13 Machines without Problems.



Can you log into phab and leave a comment there?


Ok, I confirmed the issue on Phabricator (T5976).


This update did not solve the problem:

After linux 4.9.39 the last LTS kernel where there was no problem this is already linux 4.9.47 LTS CARL!!! But the problem is not solved! :rage:


Please do a git-bisect on your machine to figure out which patch made it impossible for your laptop to do as wanted. You can take a look at my linux41 project I did to find an issue within v4.1 series. You migth also check v4.9.40 patches to find out which patch migth created the regression.


Thank you Phil very much for your reply and instruction, I will try :slight_smile:

I did not understand, how to make git-bisect


No problems here…
xfce_64, 4.12


I had the same minor issue on both of my Manjaro machines, in fact this started with the last update for me. Rebooting after update shows only the Manjaro install in grub; running “sudo update-grub” finds the other operating systems.

Running KDE.


KDE here all went great and thank you everyone…:grinning:


Here is a Video on git-bisect. Also you can check my log and modifications I did to my PKGBUILD to find the actual issue.


Thank you Phil )
a source to take here? -> git clone https://github.com/manjaro/packages-core.git

fatal: Needed a single revision

I do not know how to do it correctly (
But between linux 4.9.39 and 4.9.40 it is possible to know where the regression?


Is Firefox as power hungry as in my case?
Since v 55

between 1.1-2.2GB of RAM with one open tab? Come on…

Am I an isolated case?


firefox still goes all white on all open pages when spring rts is started or stopped. Only opening a new tab or restarting firefox makes them render again. This is a regression since v55


Where are you seeing these numbers?


In the System Monitor - is it not a reliable source of info?


Assuming you are using Xfce, is the column titled VSZ or RSS? Otherwise what is the column title?