[Stable Update] 2017-08-10 - Kernels, LibreOffice, Systemd, VirtualBox



That means, the mirror close to you are not up-to-date… So try this instead :

sudo pacman-mirrors -c all -f 5 -y
sudo pacman -Syu


That did the trick thank you very much. Will I need to do anything else or these mirrors will now work?


Look here :


If the mirrors that are close to you becomes up-to-date again, you can switch back to it with…

sudo pacman-mirrors -c all -g -y


Thank you for the help.


It all worked great. Thank you.


Worked for me as well (Dump your inxi -Fxzc0 here and bookmark it)

Edit: Actually after restart Kernel 4.11.12_rt9 crashed
I needed to reboot in to 4.9.40-1
Not sure what the errors were as the output was really tiny on this hidpi screen.


I’ve seen a few updates that recommend using the cli so I’ve just started using it for all updates. Pamac or Octopi are fine for installing or uninstalling a random package or two, but neither one of them is “quite right”. I figure the cli is a safer route to take for updates.


Agree. I follow the same path since at least 6 months and never had one issue updating with the terminal.
I always do:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f5
sudo pacman -Syyu

And eventually for AUR packages : yaourt -Syua


Updated my Plasma desktop PC. Pamac hanged, like previously mentioned, Tried to restart, but non of the apps would launch, not even the logout screen. So dropped to TTY and rebooted from there.

Everything worked fine after that. Plasma with kernel 4.12.4.


Well, we merged the updater and manager with Pamac v4.9.0, so it was expected it will hang since the updater doesn’t exist anymore after the update. I might had mentioned it on my announcement, but forgot :frowning:

[SOLVED] Pamac "stuck" on preparing

This is true, and really unfortunate.


Now all machines are Updatet.
When comes the Firefox 55 Version?


No, done using pacman


I’d say it could still be added to the announcement!? Not everybody has updated yet…


I agree with this. I have always said that Manjaro is not a completely GUI-updatable distro because on occasion an update is better done by CLI, and that users should check the update announcements before starting on the update.

But that’s not going to help those who prefer to update via GUI package manager - and there are a fair number of such users - if the update announcement from the Dev Team doesn’t actually tell you when update via terminal is advised.


Currently in unstable repo, might take a week or so to reach stable.


This is how you check for kernel errors:

dmesg | grep error
dmesg | grep "ERROR"
dmesg | grep fail

Here are few other things you can check:

journalctl -xn
sudo journalctl -p err -b <= for journal log errors on the current boot.

Location of a file/log related to xorg errors



I got Firefox 55 in unstable the other day, so probably soon.


I agree. I’m former windows user and I prefer GUI but just to be on a safe side, my procedure is now always like this:

(wait until I see over 100 votes)

1 - just download packages first, without installing anything:

sudo pacman -Syyuw

2 - log to TTY and from there run the update:

sudo pacman -Su

If votes/comments indicate any possible problems then I reboot after first step and at grub prompt use append “3” to log into clean TTY and update it from there.



Thanks for your effort, have a nice weekend…