[Stable Update] 2017-07-27 - Kernels, VirtualBox, Deepin, Mesa



This seems to be the first update with Manjaro where I am experiencing a bug in KDE Plasma where the Media Frame widget consumes memory until the system memory and swap is full - causing the entire system to come to a crawl. If you don’t have any of the Media Frame widgets on the desktop (or any active activity) memory usage stays normal. It managed to use all 16 gigs of RAM on my system, and nearly 20 gigs of swap space. I’ve also seen this bug on Antergos as of a few weeks ago, so it’s pretty clearly a problem upstream.


If I could compalin a lil bit for a mere millisecond - docx files /WPS/ still opens archiver.


When I typed in the Search box in Thunar, with fcitx-unikey, Thunar started to crash unexpectedly.


Installed kernel linux413 4.13-rc2 boot after a reboot my mouse does not work. It lights up so it has power but it does not move. Going back to kernel 4.12 and it works fine again


I had the same issue. It fixed with 4.13-rc3. Wait the next update.