[Stable Update] 2017-07-16 - Kernels, Deepin, Palemoon, KDE-Framework, XFCE4-GTK3



If you did the last update then it should be in /lib/modules/4.9.38-1-MANJARO

You can boot from live ISO to your HDD and then modify things, yes!


the GRUB key stroke is Shift_L these days IIRC

you will need some timing and dexterity to nail it though


Manjaro Deepin, no issues at all. On the 4.12 kernel and everything appears to be running smooth as silk.

Now this may be my imagination, but it seems the fonts have changed or my resolution changed or something. It just appears that my text and layout seems smaller. Control panel seems much more snappy. I haven’t read the change log, but Deepin File manager seems to have some add’l functions added.

Great work - Thanks


OK so I have gone to /etc/default and edited my grub file and it now has a timeout of 10 secs… now how would I update grub on the system HDD from the live ISO?
edit: figured it out… thankful for documentation doc , so now Im back into my system! yay!


What font are you using? I kinda like it. :grinning:


it’s Play


I’m also getting freezes after returning from supend in 4.12. I’m back to 4.10.


Cinnamon - No problems.


Well, I had the same message during the update, ignored it, and I’ve encountered no problems with my wired connection, so maybe that’s not causing your problem. I’m on kernel 4.11.


Where do you download that from? The name doesn’t lend itself to an easy search…





Just stopping by to mention that many fonts packages use the ‘ttf’ (truetype font) extension. And ‘play’ is in aur.

pacaur -S ttf-play


Kalin - my system is here https://forum.manjaro.org/t/dump-your-inxi-fxzc0-here-and-bookmark-it/8298/341?u=icedaddy


My notifications are no longer working either. I can load /usr/lib/xfce4/notifyd/xfce4-notifyd in terminal and they will work. I added it to startup and it works for a while, but later the process closes. Dbus will not launch it. From what I’ve read there may be a notification conflict with kde or other components I have installed for notifications. And xfce4-notifyd closes by design thinking dbus will load it when needed. I’m not sure when it started to be honest, but it may have been after this upgrade. I started noticing when I connected to VPN there was a long pause before I could interact with network manager again. I now know it is trying to display the successful connect notification and will not let me interact until it timeouts.
I found the threads below about the bug and a fix to have xfce4-notifyd not close, but I’m not sure how to implement the patch or if I can.

Anyone have ideas how I can fix this?


I still have not received the update. I have checked the mirrorlist, but I don’t know which server is mine. How can I check it?
I checked the wikis, but could not find the answer.


This update was in July (see date) and almost sure you must receive it. If don’t you can proceed with these console commands to get the update:

sudo pacman-mirrors -g
sudo pacmn -Syyu


@japinero @miku

U can also merge mirrorlist generation and DB sync into one command. I wud suggest to use -t 4 with pacman-mirrors to handle timeouts for slow mirrors.

sudo pacman-mirrors -g -y -t 4

sudo pacman -Suw (To Only Download updates. Don’t apply now)


sudo pacman -Su (To Download and apply updates)


Thanks for the answers, I misread the date, I only checked 16th :slight_smile:

There is still a question, how to check what currently my mirror is?
The other tricks I know, but this one not.

grep -i server /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist