[Stable Update] 2017-06-26 - Cinnamon, Kernels, LibreOffice, Haskell



I’m using cinnamon and this update is trying to install nautilus, even though I already have (obviously) nemo installed. I don’t want a bunch of file explorers coexisting together in my computer!!!


Update went through without problems. Some of the last 3 updates has reduced GFX corruption while starting plasma. Previously the screen flashed corruption several times while booting, now it only boots up corrupted and updates with one pass.

I have pinpointed this problem happens only when i boot with my second display connected.


been getting the below error in Chromium since the patch last week which was installed the day before this patch and no idea how to fix it.

$1 was blocked because it is out of date


I mentioned in an earlier post all had gone well. In fact I had even posted from my firefox browser!

Later in the day when I decided to use my bookmarks menu I was presented by this unusual arrangement.

Sort of menu stepping going to infinity and NOT opening to reveal the bookmarks within.

I have to say I have never seen anything quite like this before.

Troubleshooting steps. Backed up .mozilla folder. Restarted firefox-kde and was presented with the default bookmarks menu and exactly the same problem - stepdown menus going on and on.

The image you see above is from the backed up .mozilla folder.

I’ll probably download the newly announced ISO today and re-install but before I do I am I intrigued to find out if any other users have ever seen this before?



Something like this?


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, that is exactly the same problem.

Thanks that thread is perfect


Smooth as always, great job o/


Ditto. Another smooth update.


Smooth update on 4 machines


Same thing happened to me after the last update. My fix was to uninstall firefox-kde and just install regular firefox. Worked like a charm.


Can confirm on the Firefox KDE bookmark problem, the solution was to remove it and replace it with the regular Firefox.


On Manjaro Cinnamon here, all good! The last couple of updates have been flawless, and were downloaded in a flash - even on my 3 mbps connection. Thanks guys.


smooth update on xps9550 KDE


Right on. Rolling on.
XFCE smooth.


Smooth update.


I don’t know if this is a bug or I just haven’t found the settings yet but I’m having this issue quite often after the update:
This happens randomly no matter what applications I’m running as far as I observed.


Thanks for doing the legwork on that. I was also perplexed why suddently I was getting 700 MB of haskell packages. Removed pandoc and that solved the problem. Don’t know why I had pandoc. I’m a pretty longtime Manjaro user though, can’t even remember I first installed it.

Do you know how I get a list of all my aur packages, to double check if anyone of them needed pandoc?


@Kaleb this was triggered by a bad chain of dependencies. It’s fixed with the latest cinnamon package. You can now remove again these packages:

sudo pacman -Rsn gnome-panel tint2 metacity

This will also remove nautilus among others.


I run
pacman -Qm
after every big upgrade, as sometimes packages get ‘demoted’ to the AUR.


Me neither, it was pulled in as a dependency for something, but at some stage became an orphaned package on my system.

You can check when it was installed in pacman log

cat /var/log/pacman.log | grep pandoc