[Stable Update] 2017-06-18 - Kernels, Plasma, KDE Apps, Firefox, Thunderbird, Mesa



From what I understand you mean this for these files:


But what about


Should we replace the originals with them?


You can use pacdiff to check what was changed in the new pacnew file…


I made a Post about the problems related to the use of Opengl 32 bits libraries that appeared after install this update. In my case I cannot run 32bits aplication that requires those libraries, especificaly on 3d aplication. POL warns about 32 bits libs

I’ve never had this problem in the past. As far as I know Manjaro has multilib by defaut and libs seems to be on the system but for some reason 32 bits libs support cannot by achieved.


Octopi-notifier correctly notifies of aur updates, but is still missing the selection upon opening Octopi.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


what to do if I already upgraded? Reinstallation did not help in that case.


In that case, you remove PERL first: sudo pacman -Rdd perl


I have a strange issue in Firefox.
All sites’ checkboxes dissapeared.
Midori is fine. Chromium checked OK.
See image

Any ideas?
My DE is xfce4 and also happenes in i3.
I might check the Plasma login later.
I am realy stucked!:scream:

Edit: I did a full refresh to FF from help menu and it is fine now.
False alarm…

Checkbox Problem

This is due to a bug in the newer versions of Octopi. You have to wait for a patched version to get this fixed.
In the mean time you can upgrade using yaourt: yaourt -Syua
This will sync all databases & do a full upgrade. It will also upgrade any AUR packages you may have.


If you like to use the new pacman-mirrors features like selecting protocols ftp/https/http, or disabling certificate check for https then use the pacman-mirrors.conf.pacnew file as a template for /etc/pacman-mirrors.conf


Ah, thanks. I thought the patch had already gone through :sweat_smile:


pacman.conf.pacnew adds the ability for user repositories, from memory. they are both short text files, so I just did a manual compare and edit (in the case of pacman-mirrors.conf). a diff is more techie solution. :grinning:


What you need is to rebuild it, if you have pacaur, try running this command :

pacaur -Syu --rebuild --foreign


Those options were already included. The difference is that from the new .pacnew there are some stuff removed (mirrors directory, output file, noupdate).


The difference actually is that in .pacnew the SigLevel = PackageRequired lines have been removed from the repository entries.


Will that command also upgrade git packages?


Why would you disable certificate check?


For possible performance gains. The packages integrity and authenticity is checked with GPG signatures anyway. TLS for package transfer only gives you additional confidentiality about what packages you install.


This is off-topic, but yes, it will. However yaourt only compares version numbers, so the git repo will be cloned every time.


Indeed. My mistake. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:


A note on wxgtk. If anyone’s got Audacity installed, this change seems to break it. Simply uninstalling then reinstalling Audacity fixes it.