[Stable Update] 2017-05-27 - Kernels, Cinnamon, Firefox, Mesa, OpenSSL, Kodi



With last weekend’s update, ZFS dkms started installing in the right order (SPL first), so now the updates run perfectly. (linux49, KDE, on HP Z400)


Dear @j77h, could you please share your experience with zfs in Manjaro, from installation to performance in your workstation?


Update went smoothly as usual, thanks!


  • linux49
  • XFCE
  • Acer Aspire E 15


Do we have some issues with Catalyst on Kernels v4.11+?


First, I have a R7-240 VGA-Card installed and I think the Catalyst is too old for this Card to bring it to 100% working.
The second thing is, that Xorg-server is locked to Version 1.18, while Catalyst cannot handle newer Versions.
With AMDGPU I have the Latest Version.

Sometimes I have Screen Tearing when I watch Videos with Catalyst, not with AMDGPU.
I don’t play Games with this Card, so I cannot say something about that.

After 1 Day Office work and watch two Videos, I can say it is working better.



Updated 3 computers and they’re all running fine. No problems here.


On an “Asus M5A99FX Pro Rev. 2.0” Mainboard and “Asus R7-240” VGA-Card, Kernel 4.11.1-3 is not booting with Catalyst and I don’t know why.

The switch from Catalyst to radeon over mhwd fails too, so I used a workaround from [Tids] (Can't boot after switching video-catalyst -> video-ati) and successfully changed the Driver to AMDGPU and then from Kernel 4.10 to 4.11.



Manjaro XFCE, linux49 - update went smoothly, nothing broke. Thanx!


done and done :slight_smile:
went nicely.
I have the habit to do the next command

mhwd-gpu --setgl nvidia

…but that fails because the option –setgl seems to no longer exist…
Something has been added/taken out?
Thanks :slight_smile:


All works fine on three machines with Plasma Stable and Kernel 4.11



Ok, good to know. Since we still use linux49 on our install medias, we still have time to drop Catalyst soon or later. At least when we use a newer kernel v4.11+ or so.


Flawlessly smooth update as usual.


Flawless update, and as a bonus i see the bug that got me to switch from XFCE to KDE has been fixed by the panel port.


Another smooth update, and not too bad size-wise, only between 500 and 550 Mb.


I’m on KDE here, haven’t noticed any issues thus far.


No issues for Xfce on Thinkpad laptop integrated graphics. Kernel 49. Thanks again Philm & Forum members.

Thought I remembered forum encouraging people to do ‘likes’ for manjaro, but researching FAQ and couldn’t find anyting - No biggie - Thx again.


This is AFAIK a feature of the software. Disquss? They recommend liking, not answering.


just noticed that all the other posts have the heart button, so I am assuming that I am to ‘like’ just specific posts? Assume this is what you meant? - Thx


You are to like what you want. Why would you assume it is just specifics?


Thanks, I will feel free to ‘like’ posts that have been helpful to me. Also to acknowlege those who have helped me with issues.