[Stable Update] 2017-05-19 - Kernels, LibreOffice, Mesa, Thunderbird, Cinnamon



I installing several AUR packages onto my little netbook running LXQt. If the AUR packages are updated before the bug is fixed, I will report back whether the indicator shows within Octopi on LXQt.


Rebooting solved the problem and let me perform the update.


I’m still stuck with this problem. I’m on KDE edition.
Anybody has got a solution?


I don’t understand why this debian ppa-like mentality is creeping into Arch/Manjaro.

We have official, signed packages and then we have our own PKGBUILDs (i.e. AUR). No hidden magic, just the way it should be.

Whenever I see these Optional TrustAll snippets being shared the figurative alarm bells are ringing for me.



Really? You rail against ppas and in the next paragraph you talk about AUR? Like its some how better?
You talk about signed packages. Who exactly signs the AUR packages?

Do you even know where the AUR source comes from? Do you? Hint: it comes from github, and the github account is Mega NZ.
Do you really know who’s hands it has passed through? What changes they made?

Why would you trust Mega NZ enough to use their zero knowledge cloud, but not trust their original packages and instead trust packages that have lurked on three other storage clouds.

Who do you think protects themselves from the US Government and the British and the Germans and the Russians more carefully, Mega NZ or Github? or AUR?


Your rant was not called for here. Calm down or keep it to yourself.

This is not about the authenticity of Mega software. (Hint: there is none since you may be fetching from plain http without any signature)

It’s about the implication of that directive to any other packages that may lie in that repo.


Look who’s talking about rants!!!


Octopi hasn’t been corrected yet but while we wait for a solution you can update AUR packages with the following command:

yaourt -Sbu --aur

Octopi doesn't show correctly updates anymore

Thank you very much, at least I got rid of the yellow ghost.

That command should be added in this document: https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=Pacman_Tips#Yaourt


Hello All

I have Manjaro Cinnamon Edition 17.01. After doing this update. I have been going through strange behaviour of Home Icon on desktop. Whenever I open Home Icon it opens up Qmmp Player and whenever I open Nemo icon from bottom panel, then also it opens up Qmmp Player. Rest went fine with the update. Please let me know the steps to fix this issue.



Hello harman,

did you check what the default application
for the folders is? IF note, thenm try this:

  • right click w/ mouse on a folder
  • choose “open with” and then “Other Application…”
  • find in the list Nemo and press “set as default”

Best regards


Yes, I installed several packages from the AUR on my LXQt netbook, and I can confirm the same behavior on LXQt. So it is an Octopi thing, not a KDE thing. And I view this as a paper-cut anyway. Once the octopi-notifier tells me there is an AUR upgrade available, I open konsole or qterminal and simply:
yaourt -Syua