[Stable Update] 2017-04-23 - Kernels, KDE Framework, Mesa, Budgie



kdesu no longer opens GUI apps in KDE. The password prompt is there, but it does not launch the program.
At least kate and dolphin are affected.


I think that they put if(getuid()==0)… no you can’t do that


But I used to. So how do I edit system files in a GUI app? :slight_smile:


sudoedit: No direct example on the man page, but I see this:

$ sudoedit -u www ~www/htdocs/index.html


sudoedit defaults to using vi though, I’m not using vi at all.

How to change that? Best would be to make it run kate for me.


Right click on the file in Dolphin and select “Root Actions” and “Open as Text”.
If you have already set kate as the default, it will use kate.

Other “Root Actions” are available … E.g., can open “File Manager”(Dolphin) as root then select the file and “open with” …

sudo <console text editor> </path/to/filename>

works too of course.

Sorry Strit, The method worked for me when I wrote it and the system was fully updated, even rebooted. I apologize for the noise.

Today, after not using ML for several days, I booted to it to, primarily, fix /etc/default/grub. To my surprise “Root Actions” no longer function. Dolphin cannot be run as root, kate, kwrite, …etc. will not start.
Konqueror will run as root but it does little good for editing files. LibreOffice Writer will edit as root but that’s such a huge overkill(and a poor text editor) it is not really an option.
This UNJUSTIFIED NANNYING is more than I can stand. I am too old to put up with this kind of sh!t.


or set up a script



#! /bin/sh
export SUDO_EDITOR=/usr/bin/kate

~/.config/plasma-workspace/env/ because you dont want to use kate as sudoedit when you’re at TTY work :wink: and this script is only loaded by plasma.


I like this feature, but on my installation it wants me to key in root’s password, rather than my password.

I don’t even know root’s password mo many of my machines (I have to look them up in my password Vault).

While I might give someone sudo authority (at least to a subset of items) I’m sure as hell not handing out root.


You can also make an alias for it.
But to edit .bashrc now, you have to chown to user

For example, for kate,

sudo chown <strit> .bashrc
kate .bashrc
alias katesu='SUDO_EDITOR=kate sudoedit ’

Then use ‘katesu’ for kate root

ps: goes to show however much people try to make things idiot-proof, bigger idiots (like us) comes along. :grin:
There’s a gentoo workaround that the developers put into the OS.
We might want to do similar?
Gentoo kate workaround
Gentoo kwrite workaround

Run as root in Dolphin not working after update
Kdesu not working


[quote=“jsamyth, post:89, topic:22325”][quote=“neognomic, post:87, topic:22325”]
Right click on the file in Dolphin and select “Root Actions” and “Open as Text”.[/quote]
I like this feature, but on my installation it wants me to key in root’s password, rather than my password.
[/quote]“Root Actions” so root passwd.
One would not want anyone that does not have root authority to edit system files.

I agree 100% that sudo should be used when possible. It’s true that root is god-on-nix but sudo can limit what $USER can do as sudo-root. …

[quote=“jsamyth, post:89, topic:22325”]I don’t even know root’s password mo many of my machines[/quote] :confused:



Not exactly.
Martin posted on his blog, that sudoedit does not give you root access in shell like sudo does. It somehow does it as your own user, not as root. How it works i don’t know, but it’s how it’s done.


Like Kubuntu’s sudo and kdesudo? They claim it’s not like ‘su’ or ‘kdesu’. Like you, I’m unsure what’s the difference. If you find out, share with us, ya? Whether we understand it or not. :relaxed:



This is expected behavior for KDE applications going forward as explained by martin graesslin on his Blog.
Shud affect kate , kwrite not sure about dolphin

Instead use sudoedit for editing files
eg sudoedit /etc/resolv.conf


Dolphin definitely. You can’t even run Dolphin when logged-in as root.


What needs to happen is for the developer of servicemenus-roootactions to incorporate the changes. That would be the simplest…


Reality strikes :sob: :sob:

Workaround - :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Install krusader. run as kdesu dbus-launch krusader from konsole

To edit file . select and press F4 to launch internal editor for basic editing. Save and close internal viewer / editor.


Antergos has dolphin-root and kate-root now, and you can download the packages from their staging repos. openSuse is also reported to have a fix. At some point, barring the developer putting out an official patch, I suspect both packages will migrate to the AUR…



Any word if Arch will adopt these packages too?


@Strit, as long as the developer’s argument stands, I don’t think so. At least there have been no rumblings I can detect, but I don’t subscribe to the Arch mailing lists anymore.

Antergos is planning on rolling them into their next ISO but for now they remain in their staging repos.

Anyone comfortable with a terminal doesn’t need them. But for newcomers I would think them invaluable.

I get a spurious message regarding dolphin-root post-install, when running yaourt -Syua. No harm, but I dislike unexpected messages. Snippet below:

error: file owned by 'dolphin' and 'dolphin-root': 'usr/share/locale/sv/LC_MESSAGES/dolphin.mo'
error: file owned by 'dolphin' and 'dolphin-root': 'usr/share/locale/tr/LC_MESSAGES/dolphin.mo'
error: file owned by 'dolphin' and 'dolphin-root': 'usr/share/locale/ug/LC_MESSAGES/dolphin.mo'
error: file owned by 'dolphin' and 'dolphin-root': 'usr/share/locale/uk/LC_MESSAGES/dolphin.mo'

Spurious, but annoying.



I had to remove kde-servicemenus-rootactions since dolphin and dolphin-root wud own same files / directories. Now i can’t install kde-servicemenus-rootactions since it says install dolphin.
Is it possible to modify depends array for kde-servicemenus-rootactions if i install from commandline