[Stable Update] 2017-04-23 - Kernels, KDE Framework, Mesa, Budgie



We most likely add latest packages first in our Unstable repositories when they are available. For Firefox we have to compile a KDE edition of firefox first. This happens when we have time for it. I announced the current unstable update with given changes as of now. Testing and Stable are currently the same …


Or if you prefer specific country or countries, you can also use

sudo pacman-mirrors -ic Country,(Country2,Country3,etc)

and in the popup mirrorlist you can see the sync times and can select the more up-to-date ones.


Updated without any problems!

Kernels: linux44 linux49

Thanks guys!


VMware works again.

In graphic mode, VMware doesn’t start. The process to generate the modules of the kernel doesn’t do anything but it already does not generate error in everything.log (segfault).

In console, with the next command, i regenerate the kernel modules and VMware start correctly.

$ sudo vmware-modconfig --console --install-all
[sudo] password for user:

  • Starting VMware services …
    Virtual machine monitor
    Virtual machine communication interface
    VM communication interface socket family
    Blocking file system
    Virtual ethernet
    VMware Authentication Daemon
    Shared Memory Available


Update breaks sddm/X for me. Update, restart and several sddm errors: segfaults for libQT5Core.xxx

Can´t start X after updating.


Update cinnamon, 4.9 kernel, everything ok. alles tip top.

vielen dank!


The update went fine as far as I can tell, I mean it boots up lol

I have a question tho, pamac for a good while now always hangs whilst eating up all the ram. I have to ctrl+alt+x it. That’s clicking the add/remove software doodah. The same thing happens when I open it from the taskbar tray icon.

As such it’s not telling me about updates or anything, not that I’m overly fussed as I check here anyway. But still, what’s up with it and any idea what I have to do fix it ?


And another smooth one, on Cinnamon/kernel 4.9. Thanks!


No Problems with the update. Thanks to the manjaro-team :ok_hand:



Everything seems to be in order, thanks!


And one more
sudo pacman -Syy


No one else with problems? Don´t know how to solve the sddm qtlib error :frowning:

Update: Problems solved by using pacli fix errors ! Seems some mesa libs and kernel header was missing. Well strange but it´s working now.


Laptop :clap: & desk top dog :hotdog:.
xfce no issues.
Thanks all.


KDE working very fluid in a 2012 dual core celeron laptop (no gpu). Desktop ok too.

Another smooth update. Thanks!


Update on KDE OpenRC.

Thanks Phil!


Thankyou Manjaro Team. You are the best! :white_check_mark:

(Yet another smooth update.)


smooth update on xfce
Thanks a bunch
much appreciated



Hi, thanks for your great work! However, the recent push has broken optimus (and nvidia): [Fixed] [Stable Update] 2017-04-23 Optimus / Base-Nvidia Broken

Running i3, but should be irrelevant to the problem being faced.


Great. Smooth updates as usual.:+1:
Thank you philm and team.


i got this message: from ftp.lug.ro : Connection time-out on each package, so the update took quite a longer time than usual. All ok after! Cheers!