[Stable Update] 2017-04-15 - Kernels, Thunderbird, Firefox, Libreoffice



52.0.2 (64-Bit) is what I got for Easter today.


Happy Birthday philm. Thanks for the update! Everything went smooth as usual!

Kernel: linux44 & linux49


“sudo pacman -Rdd light-locker-consolekit” should allow the update to proceed


Happy Birthday philm. :tada::ribbon::gift::birthday::fireworks:

Oh, and another smooth update here.


I run your command and solve the error with consolekit but:

error: it was not possible to prepare the operation (the dependences could not be satisfied)
:: networkmanager-openrc: needs networkmanager


Happy Birthday to you, Philm, and thanks a lot to all of the Manjaro Team and Community.
Another smooth update today - using Manjaro for more than two years now, on several desktops and servers.
Instead of a birthday cake, I just donated to the project - I’m sure you’ll find a way to make use of it :slight_smile:


The same happens to me :confused:


Absolutely need to wish a Happy Birthday to @philm . Where would we be without you and the Manjaro team of testers.

Best wishes and have a GREAT Birthday!! And thank you for Manjaro, your gift to us.


Thank you guys, smooth update here, I really appreciate your hard work, keep in that way!

@philm Happy birthday! Long and fruitful life!

My best wishes.


@philm Happy Birthday! :gift: :birthday:
Update went smoothly. :slight_smile:


@philm Happy Birthday man, We really appreciate your hard work!
Also everything went great.


You can remove pm-utils, if you use xfce or something similar. It was a default in quite old releases, but it is not needed anymore.


Thank you cimarronline, great help.


Happy Birthday! Have a nice weekend :slight_smile:


@philm happy birthday friend!
Mine was yesterday, so I guess I can remember yours :wink:


All openrc packages require their non openrc packages so …
“sudo pacman -S networkmanager” before you try to update


Updated this morning. No problem as far as I can tell.


Happy Birthday, Phil! Thanks for all the hard work everyone!

Installing now, I’ll hold off voting until I can confirm everything’s ok.


Why in all previous updates “never” i see this error message? I test your option in a VM.


All good on the update.
Thanks and Happy Birthdays @philm , @Aditya and all my other brother and sister Aries.