[Stable Update] 2017-01-30 - Kernels, Steam, Budgie, Deepin, KDE Framework, Virtualbox



I recommend remove XFCE4 Mixer using sudo pacman -R xfce4-mixer
You can use the Gnome Alsamixer sudo pacman -S gnome-alsamixer and sudo pacman -S pavucontrol
Keeping the Manjaro Alsa and other dependencies that cannot be removed.


I still need it because of Open Sankore…



Smooth update… I removed gstreamer 0.10 and then reinstalled some (automatically removed) packages as musicbrainz, libcdaudio and ladspa…


After update VirtualBox doesn’t start.
VirtualBox: supR3HardenedMainGetTrustedMain: dlopen("/usr/lib/virtualbox/VirtualBox.so",) failed: /usr/lib/libharfbuzz.so.0: undefined symbol: FT_Get_Var_Blend_Coordinates
I think it has something to do with infinality-bundle, that I installed from repository (like it was in tutorial on forum).
How do I go back to freetype2?

Never mind, I did a thing from here https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=221693 and it works now.


Update took more than an hour, but at the end everything works except for syncthing-gtk, which shows error

“syncthing-gtk” terminated by signal SIGSEGV (Address boundary error)
Any ideas why?


you made me reinstall gstreamer! I had to try that Open Sankoré, didn’t knew it before!


Are you a teacher, too?


no, student, but offers lot of new opportunities for taking notes and solving tasks on a laptop with touchscreen!


2 Items to mention. I also had the same gstreamer0.10 issues. Uninstalled those packages and all seems well so far.

I haven’t seen this quirk mentioned, but when I use the Launcher or hot-corner to get the launcher, it does not blur my desktop wallpaper but it blurs the default wallpaper. I’ve rebooted after the updates, running Manjaro-Deepin 64-bit

See the enclosed screenshots: Default vs Launcher


Yup, I got rid of all those gstreamer plugin packages, too. I also uninstalled Trelby and Shutter. Those two apps were bound by gstreamer0.10 and python2/perl packages. Happy to have learned how to use pacman -Qo/-Qi, because there is no way one could ever remember each and every arcane dependency some apps require. At first, it seemed like I was caught in a never ending loop of gstreamer0.10/python2/perl dependencies.


@Tiger- try looking for a code blocks config file and make sure you own it and have write permissions. then retest.

@lightbeam- priceless

@DK3- i love it when you update your platoon

@rexmalcolm- nice software mention

@steve_dude- nice setup

Steam - Wargame not starting

no issues on KDE with pacman -Syu, removed gstreamer0.10 afterwards.
thanks for another smooth update! :smiley:


Sorry I didn’t see your reply until today.

I’d already discovered the discussion on testing and was confident enough to get rid of the deprecated gstreamer0 and its companions.

Thanks anyway



I have trouble with zsh tab completion in conjunction with oh-my-zsh. I just downgraded (5.3.1-1 => 5.2-2) and now everything is fine again. Currently I have no time to properly investigate, but it seems that some folder permission make the tab completion just freeze.

A quick google shows that similar issues have been around in the past…




Strange. Could you open an issue about this here, maybe?


Try deleting the content of /var/cache/image-blur
The blurred versions should be recreated then.


Hi. I have updated without problems. I have the xfce version of manjaro in two computers.
However, I do not know how to proceed with the kernels. When I have to change from one kernel to another? I only one to use LTS kernels. Now I have two but one is also the Recommended one. What exactly means? Where I can read more about it in order to learn when to change the kernel if I want my computer the more stable as it can be.



After update KDE one touch to double click not working. In touchpad settings all is same but I need to double tap now to run a program.


This has already been discussed earlier in this thread, pls see here: [Stable Update] 2017-01-30 - Kernels, Steam, Budgie, Deepin, KDE Framework, Virtualbox


You don’t have to change kernels if you’re on LTS.
LTS kernels are - as the name says - supported for a long time.
4.4 is supported until at least Feb 2018.
4.9, the next LTS, is supported until at least Jan 2019.

See here: https://www.kernel.org/category/releases.html