[Stable Update] 2017-01-30 - Kernels, Steam, Budgie, Deepin, KDE Framework, Virtualbox



Well which is it, Shipped with Manjaro or Not available in repositories?

I think you are seeing the effects of evolution here. Manjaro is a rolling release, and unlike a rolling stone, it gathers a bit of moss now and then.

There are ways to purge the system of no longer needed packages. (Carefully).


“which is it, Shipped with Manjaro or Not available in repositories?”

Both. It was on my system from the start, never removed during upgrades, but when I removed it manually, it was no longer available.
I’ve removed gstreamer and replaced xfce4-mixer with PAV control, and it all seems to work. I was just curious why it hadn’t been replaced in a system upgrade. But if a fresh installation of Manjaro no longer has xfce-4-mixer and gstreamer0.10, then I guess my question is answered.