[Stable Update] 2017-01-30 - Kernels, Steam, Budgie, Deepin, KDE Framework, Virtualbox



Thanks Phil! I do have a question. I received the following and I’m not sure what to do as there are dependencies:

(101/116) upgrading webkitgtk2 [######################] 100%

WARNING: WebKitGTK+ 2.4 is known to have many security vulnerabilities that
will NOT be fixed. Avoid browsing with it.


That was a Whopper! over 600 MB on my end (Manjaro Xfce). No issues though, everything still runs smooth as ever, and I feel as though login time is a little faster now :sunglasses:. Great work as always!


I’m amazed! I had a 131 packages to update but afterwards also about 50 packages to remove. These were removed from the repositories, I guess. Anyway. Reboot and everything is still working properly without any hiccups so far. Amazing! Thanks guys.

ps: found a small issue. I saw both firefox and the arc-firefox-theme-maia got updated, but now this theme isn’t compatible with that version of firefox. After enabling the default Firefox theme, I found it now follows the gtk theme again, so I’ll just use that for now.


Great and Smooth update. KDE edition on 2 machines. Updated with the Terminal, and had removed the Gstreamer which are now on the AUR repository (I don’t need them … I believe). No issues so far.:slight_smile:


Thank you - everything went fine on Manjaro Gnome =)


pamac is currently stuck at “Configuring manjaro-system…”.
The last line under details is “installing lib32-libnm-glib…”

I’ll try cancelling and try using pacman -Syu.

Update: That seemed to work fine. After a reboot everything seems to be working.

And, the power stayed on the whole time!

I have a poblem in update

I don’t seem to be getting the update :confused: pacman tells me there is nothing to do. does anyone have any ideas on why that could be?


check your mirror’s status and switch to a different one if you don’t want to wait


You should link to the new hotness at:

Edit: You can follow its development at:




ooh shiny! thanks


Updated on KDE, everything seems to be fine! Afterwards I updated gstreamer from AUR, that took ages to complete!

Thank you for another smooth update!:+1:


I removed the gstreamer packages. I may be wrong but I understand that you don’t need them if you are an end-user and won’t develop with them. Anyway all seems fine without those packages.


Well, this is interesting…

Pamac tray indicator said there were some updates. So I went into Pamac Manager to check the AUR setting, and started the update.

Clicked the Detail tab, and watched a bunch of 404 message scroll by. Alarming!!.

Any way the update seemed to do something, and I rebooted.

No network adaptors at all appear anymore. MSM, and lspci show them, but the drivers apparently can’t be found, and aren’t loaded. (Machine has two gigabit ethernet R8168 ports).

I have no network access from that machine. C

Currently digging through my “drawer of broken dreams” to find my USB wifi adaptor.

After plugging in my WIFI USB Dongle, and trying to connect with Network Manager, the machine froze up. (all USB devices ceased to function) and I had to power cycle the machine.

When it rebooted the R8168 ports were working again. No clue what caused that, or why they stopped working. I then did another update, and found over 200 packages and that all went smoothly.

I declined the AUR gtstreamer packages, and then manually removed them after the update.


after updating, pamac shows a lot of foreign packages now. these are the new ones:


the weird thing is, they are all in the manjaro repo, so why are they listed as foreign packages all of a sudden?


I think they got removed from the repo. They then show up as foreign packages.


Update went ok. Anything to worry about with the following?

:: steam-native and lib32-tcp_wrappers are in conflict. Remove lib32-tcp_wrappers? [y/N] y
:: lib32-libudev0-shim and lib32-libudev0 are in conflict. Remove lib32-libudev0? [y/N] y
:: lib32-libgudev and lib32-libgudev-steamruntime are in conflict. Remove lib32-libgudev-steamruntime? [y/N] y
:: lib32-libusb and lib32-libusb-steamruntime are in conflict. Remove lib32-libusb-steamruntime? [y/N] y```


KDE update went smooth, 225 packages including a dozen or so from AUR. These last ones took like forever to update. Is there an easier way to update those? I selected them all but they got installed one by one with me having to respond to the Y/N questions all the time.
Rebooted and as far as I can tell things work great.


check your mirrors…open your terminal and type pacman-mirrors -g


KDE with Octopi went smooth with no issues