[Stable Update] 2016-12-23 - Kernels, Nvidia, Firefox



Nice update. New Nvidia drivers finally made G-sync work on my 1070. About time they got their act together.


amd athlon k125, intel core i3-2367m, both kernel 49, xfce
smooth update.

thank you manjaro team and have a nice christmas


xfce with kernel 4.9.0, everything went grate as usual.

thank you, guys!


I used Octopi, and ran in terminal. All looked good, but the kicker Application Launcher > Leave > Shutdown did not work. I opened a konsole, issued a sudo poweroff. Restarted, and all seems fine.


I’ve had this same problem on occasion (not this time) when there is a kernel update. Some part of the shutdown process does not match the running kernel.

systemctrl reboot always seems to work.


Is systemctrl reboot (I guess it is the systemd way?) preferred over sudo poweroff?

P.S. On Manjaro Netbook Edition, I did the updates via the GUI and shutdown just fine via the menu.


Ready! Updated and everything went well thank you team of Manjaro :slight_smile:
Merry christmas everybody :santa:


Hi, I had to downgrade Opera to version 41 because Opera 42 constantly crashed then automatically re-started.
Not resolved by erasing all the cache or deactivating extensions.


Only if the normal GUI menu methods fail I guess.

I have no idea what poweroff actually does in this systemd world we live in. Who knows who calls who any more?


I had a problem like that it had to do with me running an out of date kernel. Here is how i fixed it Link


I had to uninstall python-pip and reinstall to upgrade (due to many filesystem errors). A fantastic holiday update!


Both are the same, but you dont need “sudo”. On a systemd system every user can shutdown (as long as the admin dont blocks this).


Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

Little problem with hexchat icon, solved by taking gdk-pixbuf2 of unstable.


Updated via OCTOPI …

everything was smooth

Thanks a lot !!!@


Update went fine, no issue so far.

One question though. Why isn’t Cinnamon being updated? The latest Cinnamon version is 3.2.7 and Manjaro stable’s version is still stuck at 3.2.1 :confused:.

Cinnamon Version

KDE update smooth and issue free. Thanks again Phil and Manjaro team.


“uninstall it and then install it back” …for a few weeks now, correct?
thanks, was wondering how to fix this.


Updates went well on my four machines. One was really slow and it has been the last three updates and after reading through this thread I think I need use the pacman-mirrors -g -i command to find a faster server. Anyway keep up the good work


@kilimanjaro I had this same problem, so I got rid of pip for the moment.

Also I had the standard KDE dual-screen bug after restart, where I could only see a black screen without a desktop. The fix is to simply unplug one monitor, reboot, wait for the desktop to load on the main monitor and then plugin back in the other one. Luckily you only need to do it once :sweat_smile: .


Smooth update on my LXQT setup with kernel 4.4. Thanks Manjaro team for the great work. Happy Holidays from India :slight_smile: