[Stable Update] 2016-10-31 - Manjaro Fringilla finally released



@eugen-b If people use your first link, then won’t they get openrc instead of the default systemd?

I went with downloading from the offical sources because of this.

I have to say that I’m quite disappointed that a backwards step was taken - for a distro which is supposed to be user-friendly, Here’s what happened:

I started with:

  • 16.08 xfce

Then I learned that there was an “upgrade” available, so I downloaded:

  • 16.10.1 xfce

This is broken upgrade for me - the installer doesn’t support LVM or LUKS.

So I’m in the process of downloading:

  • 16.06.1 net [not sure if I will grok this bare-bones approach, so…]
  • 16.06.1 xfce [as a fall-back]

Fingers crossed.

Perhaps you could highlight any usability impact in the release notes in future?

Difference between upgrading from 16.06.1 and installing Fringilla

With a rolling release, why did you download another installer?

If a total machine reconfigure was needed, I could see going that route. But once installed, I haven’t looked at any installer since, I’ve just rolled along. I’ve actually forgotten how Calamares works, let alone “Thus”.


Good question.

I took a very long sidetrack into learning about LUKS (ciphers, key stretching, etc), LVM (including thin partitioning), btrfs (including quota groups), and by the time I had my partitions setup to my liking, a new installer image was released.

I figured a newer installer would be better than the one that I actually hadn’t yet used.

These are the steps I’m using to setup LVM and LUKS with an older installer.