[Stable Update] 2016-10-31 - Manjaro Fringilla finally released



Yes! :slight_smile:


So beautiful … (I use XFCE)


You could install it on the virtualbox and try it.


Or better yet - on your HDD.

It is not only a true beauty but also a magnificent system on its own.

As for the upgrade - easy-peasy and I love it.


That’s what it looks like out of the box, with bit more tweaking KDE can look absolutely stunning.


Nothing scary about Manjaro here – Manjaro passed Halloween with flying colors! :dizzy:


My main PC has 8GB of RAM memory Phil … that’s why x86_64 edition of Manjaro is installed.

Compliment: At least Manjaro still support i686 platform since a lot of Distros have dropped supporting it.


Everything went smoothly except now every video I open in mpv flickers. (I don’t have this problem in SMPlayer or VLC, though.)

Edit: Using the free AMD graphics driver, I get the following error message when I open mpv from a terminal.

radeon: The kernel rejected CS, see dmesg for more information (-22).

Edit 2: In ~/.config/mpv/mpv.conf, I needed to add vo=vdpau to fix the problem (although I already had hwdec=vdpau there.)


what time to announce manjaro Mate 16.10 ?


Please update Mesa from 13rc2 to 13rc3 ASAP, there are some important fixes (ie. https://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/commit/?h=13.0&id=b214af38b9f5c1422d53f6477483dec984c14952


This is off-topic here in Update Announcement topic.


You solve this part by:
Start mousepad with sudo rights and choose a color scheme under preferences.
I don’t know what to do about the other warnings.


Thanks for your tip, it made the last warnings go away. (the others went with replacing dbus with dbus-x11)


Sorry, we follow our update cycle. However you can get them from Archlinux:

wget ftp://ftp.hosteurope.de/mirror/ftp.archlinux.org/pool/packages/*13.0.0rc3-1*
wget ftp://ftp.hosteurope.de/mirror/ftp.archlinux.org/pool/community/*13.0.0rc3-1*

Install then with sudo pacman -U <pkgnames> what you need on your own risk.


Another amazing update without any hiccups! Thanks a lot !
Kernel - linux44


I just asked when .!


Stefano is still working on it. However the community already released some images.


Thanks for the info, good to know, Mate is also a really good desktop.

Regards!! :smile:


Thanks, that worked.


Kernel 4.8 does not start under VM after the update. Kernel 4.4 works normally.