[Stable Update] 2016-10-23 - Manjaro 16.10 Package Release



just type
sudo dirmngr < /dev/null
and start again to[quote=“caho, post:82, topic:11416”]
sudo pacman-key --refresh-keys
then update


Wtf is this naming ? “[Stable Update] 2016-10-23” - it means update, ok, but “Manjaro 16.10 Final Release” means there should be new stable manjaro release with new full iso, but iso is named rc2, wtf ? so is it final or rc2 ???


Phil stated this was the package part of the new release. Which means this is the packages that will be used in the new install medias when they get done in the next couple of days.


Im on stable and everything went smoothly, Thankyou Manjaro Team.

Is this here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fringilla where the new name came from for the final release?


Just updated my stable Manjaro KDE from terminal with
pacman -Syyuu, keyring changed, some package name changed and…
No problem accurred.
Many thanks for this release that brings new kde version. :slight_smile:


I had to update the keys but apart from that everything went really well.

Big thanks to the core team & everyone else who contributed.

More power to all peace lovers!

Ruziel :wink:


No issues directly related to the update on my end, however Linux48 is still causing issues on my system. When installing through Manjaro Settings Manager I get a message about conflicting modules (r8 something with r8 something else, which I presume are related to my Realtek ethernet card).
Also, upon booting into the new kernel, after the usual verbose boot output, I am greeted with TTY output that scrolls too fast to be read before lightdm starts up. On logging in Xfce freezes completely, and attempting to use a TTY login results in a blank screen.
There are no issues with Linux47, which I am currently using… Great job on a great distro!!!


Wine induced a problem with one of my programmes (downgraded to version 1.1-19)

Having troubles with XFCE terminal - dropdown not always responding to my shortcut key
(edit) Think it was a weak network connection - I was logged in on a remote computer


Just updated my laptop with KDE, all smooth as silk, thank you very much Manjaro Team!!! :grinning:

Tonight I’ll update my home’s pc.



Gnome-Edition just updated and I get a lot of GTK related errors:

  • gvim does not shown any text anymore and I get
    tk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:1359:62: Using one color stop with linear-gradient() is deprecated.
    tk-CRITICAL **: gtk_widget_set_size_request: assertion ‘width >= -1’ failed
    *** BUG ***
    In pixman_region32_init_rect: Invalid rectangle passed
    Set a breakpoint on ‘_pixman_log_error’ to debug

All over the terminal upon start.

Any clues where to start looking?


No issues for me with Deepin, but one oddity.
I followed these instructions[quote=“philm, post:1, topic:11416”]
sudo pacman -Sy
sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyring
sudo pacman -Su

Then I rebooted. Pamac said I had 1 update available. So I executed sudo pacman -Syu resulting in “there is nothing to do.” Tried yaourt -Syu, which said everything was up to date.

The only way to complete the update was to use pamac. I’ve never run into that before.

Everything working fine so far. Thanks!


it was certainly an AUR update. as pacman can’t update package from AUR: only pamac, octopi or an AUR helper can. (yaourt, pacaur, etc)

it’s weird that yaourt -Syu said there was nothing to update then.


Turkish manjaro user says:

I installed last updates. I rebooted but system not started.

Kernel panic screen:



pacman checks the signature for every package before installing them, if it doesn’t update the keyring before the update it can find some new signature not yet verified, so it doesn’t proceed with the install process.
In the ArchWiki or in the man page there are more detailed informations, I’m not a packager so I have only a general idea.


I downloaded and installed Manjaro KDE 16.10 rc2 tonight . Installation went without a hitch . The only issue I have is Hardware Detection in system settings shows my Nvidia GTX 1060 as an unknown device name ( nVidia corporation ) and it shows a proprietary driver installed but no version number . However mhwd did install the correct driver during installation , I have Nvidia 370.28 installed confirmed by " glxinfo | grep OpenGL " . It’s running great , no other issues noted so far. Thanks for the help earlier Phil . :grin:


That’s what I thought.

In looking at the log, it appears that this is the package that only pamac could see:
[2016-10-24 03:37] [ALPM] upgraded font-manager (0.7.2-2 -> 0.7.3-1)


Is your installation encrypted?


font-manager isn’t in the manjaro repositories. it’s an AUR package. yaourt -Syu won’t see it… sorry for my mistake in my previous post.
with yaourt -Syu it will only check repositories package.
to also check AUR it’s yaourt -Syua


Thanks for the tip!


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