[Stable Update] 2016-10-23 - Manjaro 16.10 Package Release




Still have a problem with slow half line scrolling in System Settings>Desktop Behaviour>Desktop Effects.

Removing the package xf86-input-libinput makes the problem go away.

Otherwise ok if I don’t click on “New Session”.




Don’t delete/uninstall anything blindly!

One can also query the database to know which package a file in the file system belongs to:
$ pacman -Qo /path/to/file_name


Manjaro Wiki should help you: https://wiki.manjaro.org/index.php?title=Manjaro_Hardware_Detection


Great job, update ran smoothly. Keep up the excellent work :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help. But I figured it was because I installed setuptools from pip. Uninstalled it using pip. And installed them via pacman. Everthing’s good now (oh well its not)


i didnt remove the compositor [default for xfce] i just disabled it in window manager tweaks [did that immediately after i installed xfce, then enable compton compositing. felt that better, but thats just my opinion… glad you could upgrade by holding back those packages]


Installation fails for me! But, I don’t think it’s necessarily the iso’s fault. I decided to test it on new hardware: a UEFI-boot Chuwi Hi10 Pro with an intel Atom x5-8300 and eMMC storage :stuck_out_tongue: the XFCE live-cd is unable to probe 3/4ths of the drive and can’t format or mount the partition I’ve set aside for the install. fdisk works fine, it lists all the partitions, but I can’t tell the kernel about 'em (partprobe fails). I can boot Win10 on the machine, make my partition, open a VirtualBox xfce16.10 session with raw disk access in efi mode, and apparently do everything from there; but there’s no sign of the bootloader in BBS or UEFI menus.

I’m convinced that kernel 4.4 is just too old – 4.81 is about where we start to see proper Atom and eMMC support – but I haven’t been able to create an install medium off XFCE 16.10 on a newer kernel, ie., by adding “kernel=linux49” to the xfce profile.conf and using buildiso: it fails when writing the efi shell1 (iirc, “make_efi()”) with a “there is no space left on the device” error. Has anyone got a Manjaro install iso built on a new kernel?


Updated 3 out of 4 machines without problem, using Philip’s instructions. (The fourth machine I didn’t have access to yet.) Two desktops, Intel and AMD/Radeon, and an Asus Zen Book (Intel) all upgraded equally well and running flawlessly now.

One minor thing, launching Libre Office crashed irregularly (1 out of 4 times), and also crashed my whole session, leaving me at the login-screen. But after I deleted $HOME/.config/libreoffice/ all is fine.

Since nobody had reported this yet, it seemed to be an issue with the configuration on my part.


Is this lo-fresh or lo-still? I saw this behavior on a relative’s machine running ubuntu 16.04 but system updates seem to have fixed it


It’s libreoffice-still. But, as I said, deleting the config-folder helped and it is behaving totally normal now.


Have we had 3 upgrades this week or… am I connected to the testing repos and I am not even aware of that?


I think it was One big one, one small one, and either one (or two) clean-ups to packages only.

I don’t mind those that fix application packages here and there because they don’t take down anybody’s system.

[Stable Update] 2016-10-31 - Manjaro Fringilla finally released

Fixed by today’s update.

After also fixing the gtk3-print-backends thing, all is right now, I think.

Thank you Manjaro team.



I changed the cursor theme as you said and the cursor changes without asking any password.


Eclipse now segfaults on the gtk3 update. Forcing eclipse to use gtk2 works, but the UI isn’t pretty.


skype don’t work for me



I am unable to access cli installer… :frowning:


There is no cli-installer any longer in 16.10


I just posted an article on my experience with my new PC and Calamares.