[Stable Update] 2016-10-09 - Kernels, Manjaro Tools, Deepin, NM, LibreOffice, Steam



qt chooser as been removed. and should not be needed anymore with all the new binaries. it does not been integrated in qt5-base.

it seems without it there is some case the normal update don’t manage correctly where there is this kind of dependencies in the updates. don’t ask me why. I’m not an expert in pacman.


qt4 will be removed shortly. That version isn’t maintained anymore. That is why qtchooser got removed. AUR packages have to adopt these changes.


And what about konqueror?

I.e., kdebase-konqueror or any other KDE program that is poorly integrated with qt5.


Konqueror and the WebKit part will be released as Qt5 versions starting with KDE Applications 16.12 release. So in December most of the qt4 apps are gone, hopefully all …


[quote=“philm, post:54, topic:10663, full:true”]
Konqueror and the WebKit part will be released as Qt5 versions starting with KDE Applications 16.12 release. So in December most of the qt4 apps are gone, hopefully all …
[/quote]That will be good news, if it really happens*. In the meantime, qt4 is needed so qtchooser is, unless the same function has been added to qt5-base.

Is that the case? I.e., Are you saying that qt5-base incorporates the wrapper function of qtchooser?

This is the problem when pertinent changelogs are not readily/easily available to $USER. …I have no idea what changes are actually included without a hunt.
Most KDE changes for qt4=> qt5 I have learned to take as " will believe it when I see it ", ;).


Actually, the 4.1 kernel shows as 4.1.33 not 4.1.32.

But, other than that, another incredibly smooth update.


No it has been removed.

if I’m not wrong. qtchooser is mostly used by the dev tools or during build time . not really for software build to run on qt libraries.


For all who want to test the latest Manjaro install media, XFCE 16.10-rc1 is now online :wink:



I got that on my blackscreen too.


Smooth update without any issues. Thx to the manjaro-team!


What do you mean with blackscreen? Which graphical driver is used on your end?


[quote=“scachemaille, post:57, topic:10663”]
if I’m not wrong …[/quote]This is known as a preface for a WAG. WAGs are not needed here: we’re talking about breaking the(my) system if improper implementation is done.

No solution than what I knew at 0630 CDT: Removal (qtchooser) and updates(nvidia-*-utils) have to be forced (-d or -dd) … a truly bad option.

I’ll re-build lumina-desktop-git after removing the qtchooser depends …

All this ** for an update and if broken at completion, based on the almost 50% of others with issues for this update won’t know if I caused it with nodeps or if it is something else.
Not exactly what I planned for Sunday AM … oh well, C’est la vie.

{edit: -lumina +lumina-desktop-git }


I have a lumina-desktop, upgraded (‘y’ to all) without issue - well, at upgrade process, screen went black, (wait for blinking lights to stop and reboot) but rebooted without issue.


Thanks for the link to Arch bug #FS51275, so I followed their advice

“_exclude systemd, libsystemd and systemd-sysvcompatfrom upgrading, then _
_update them in a seperate step. So you would minimize the risk to crash _
during update

Once the update was done, I did the last 3 systemd updates, rebooted and no issues.

Thanks Phil and the Manjaro team – excellent update.


I had the same problem. It seems it was about 2/3 the way through installing the updates when the screen went black. I did still have a mouse cursor thought.

I was able to reboot and then finish the install.

So far, everything seems to be working fine.

NOTE: I am running the 4.7 kernel and using the nouveau video driver.



tried updating xfce through the icon on the bottom right of desktop

-stuck at black screen with blinking underscore
-updated with ctrl+alt+f2 tty method
-stuck at black screen with blinking underscore

so many people with this problem Manjaro definately dropped the ball on this update. I just hope I can get back into my computer and recover all my files.


Update on 12 Machines without Problems.



does kernel 4.8.1 fix the reported freezing issues?


yes it does


about lumina-desktop-git: I would just remind you this:

DISCLAIMER: AUR packages are user produced content. Any use of the provided files is at your own risk.

And as the official lumina-desktop package does not ask for qtchooser (not even as make depends) and @gohlip didn’t had any problem with the official pakage. I would say it’s safe to rebuild it without this dependency. if you’re not happy with my WAG answeer I’m sorry.
and my experience is that my all my kde apps works.
skype (qt 4 32bits) works
keepassx2 (qt 4) works.