[Stable Update] 2016-05-15 - Kernels, Desktops, Pamac, Manjaro-Tools, Calamares

Switched to libbluray-git in AUR and updated 3 machines (32 and 64 bit) with no problems. Smooth update. Thanks, Manjaro Team

Hi all,
This went, ehrm, well…I did the mhwd-setgl for nvidia and THEN mesa…bad…I did not get a gui.
Repaired with setting to nvidia…
It all works - all 274 :flushed: - packages…I think I had three updates in one go :smirk:
This is so not good on my :nail_care: manicure…I ran out of nails to bite. Next update: when I have sufficient nails to bite… :smile:


Nope. Still not a Manjaro issue. You installed an AUR package which replaced a system package. That’s on you.

However, I’m still glad you found a workaround.

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Update on 12 Machines without Problems.



All fine, my Virtualbox has no more problems since the update, thanks.

Nvidia non-free driver still not work. Kernel is 4.1.24. I reinstalled the driver, tried 4.5 kernel, without success.

Smooth update both KDE & Xfce. Thank you

At the moment all correct. Even the VMware works again, I could have regenerated the modules of the kernel.

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Smooth update
hala Daniella
thanks to manjaro team

My dhcpcd configuration was gone I just had to run sudo systemctl start dhcpcd@enp4s0 && sudo systemctl enable dhcpcd@enp4s0

Whatever, man. You want to parse/fence, then parse/fence. I didn’t report “a problem with the Manjaro update”. I reported, “Yes, I am currently experiencing an issue due to the update,” as per freetype2. Have it your way.

:hamburger: :expressionless:

Many thanks to the Team Manjaro for this update. :+1:

Hello, the update was smoothly ok!!! In meantime I congratulate for the new Forum!!!

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My login screen looks bad, I can’t open Firefox anymore and Evince (my pdf reader of choice) looks bad and malfunctions. Most of these are related to GTK3 I think. Any way I can go back?

Read the previous announcement about the GTK 3.20 update:

several problems after upgrading … :frowning:
without sound and Deepin with multiple problems

The update went without issues. Thanks!

I’ve got a momentary plasmashell memory leak on 5.6.4 each time I connect a second monitor. All memory is exhausted in a few seconds, swapping occurs and system never becomes alive again and I must reboot it manually.

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