[Stable-Staging Update] 2021-04-05 - Kernels, Systemd, Gnome 40 Apps, Mesa 21.0.1, Kernels, Browsers

Updates installed smoothly but the icons in my Gnome dash are now very small with a lot of space around them.

If I enable dash to dock, the dock icons seem a decent size, which is a workaround I suppose. But I prefer the default Gnome dash.

Possibly a theme issue? I’ve tried changing the appearance in tweaks but that didn’t help either.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Changing the Shell in Gnome Tweaks to ‘Default’ restores normal icon size. All of the Matcha variants cause the small icon issue.

This worked for me :+1:
Many thanks!

Yesterday my icons broke too… It has something to do with the shell theme that Manjaro has, it makes the dock icons way too small and the app grid way to compact…

Yeah, two other installs in the house did it too - there’s one other I haven’t logged in to yet.

Presumably everyone thats changed the Shell to one of the matcha theme variants will have the problem.

I’ve left the Gtk/Applications theme set to Matcha-Azul but the Shell is now Adwaita-maia-dark - at least until daylight :slight_smile: .

I have another machine I already switched to Unstable where Gnome 40 is working perfectly, this half-way house seems slightly more problematic.

Anyone getting this after update? it’s not happening all the times
programs starts Like in activities menu but can’t close them or back to desktop

Quite annoying problem after the update with the Gnome wifi chooser. It won’t close. Only restarting helps (have not tried killing GDM instead). See also on the archlinux subreddit (can’t post the link as I’m not allowed to post links :roll_eyes:).

Yeah I got this, was super confused. You can fix this by pressing ALT+F2 and typing r and hitting Enter. Still unpleasant.

There was a Stable update announcement posted on 2021-04-09, but that announcement seems to be missing from the forum on 2021-04-11. Think I’ll wait until that announcement is back before installing the update, as I prefer to read them thoroughly before proceeding.

You mean this one?

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Are you using the Dash-to-Panel extension? I have the same issue. I disabled the extension and switched to Dash-to-Dock… all nice after the change.

That’s the announcement message, thanks. It “disappeared” for a short while…

No, Dash to dock

ok thanks, i’ll try it when this happens again

I did this and got back my output devices. But the microphone is still missing.

After doing some testing the activities bug always appears when you first hit the super key or activities button after booting your device. Pretty annoying.

I added new packages to this branch


Many thanks!! It worked for me :grin: