[Stable Review] 2018-05-05 - Kernels, Plasma5, Nvidia, Mesa, GlibC, Firefox, Deepin


Hi Team and Community,

I’m almost sure to be ready for another stable update. Please review our current package-set and let me know.

  • Current package-set is ready for a stable release
  • I still see some issues (post about them)

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The only trouble I had was a message related to a missing db.lck file when using pamac to apply this upgrade.


This is normal. Check the second fix again (line 50):


Besides this and this warning, nothing to notice. I tested in a VM with manjaro, and upgrade went well.

On my laptop - Intel T4200 + intel GPU - which is using manjaro testing, everything goes well, besides js52 fix on saturday morning. So far, so good.


Be aware that starting with Samba 4.8.0-1 and following, smbd and nmbd services will be renamed to smb and nmb instead. Dunno why such a change was needed, but whatever.



Spanning the last three [non-contiguous; 2018-05-01, 2018-05-03 and 2018-05-05] Testing Updates i did in my Manjaro Testing VM, i had & reported issues with:

  1. A Samba permissions fault … [Testing Update] 2018-05-01 - BFQ Scheduler (v4.16, v4.17), Vulkan, Hyper and [Testing Update] 2018-05-05 - RT-Kernels, Nvidia 390xx, Firefox Dev, MHWD respectively.
  2. Timeshift GUI no longer launching from the Application Menu without manually intervening via kdesu in an edited launcher command. [Testing Update] 2018-05-01 - BFQ Scheduler (v4.16, v4.17), Vulkan, Hyper and [Testing Update] 2018-05-03 - Kernels, Mesa v18.0.2, Nvidia v396.24 and [Testing Update] 2018-05-03 - Kernels, Mesa v18.0.2, Nvidia v396.24. Given that both my KDE Stable & KDE Testing have the identical Timeshift version, v18.4-1, clearly the problem does not lie with that package itself, but something else currently different between KDE in Testing 2018-05-05 and Stable 2018-04-28.


I’ve not noticed any issues on my test system, running XFCE.

I say push the big red button and see what happens :grin:


Made another test on an experimental install (XFCE) and the update ends with:

Checking inter-conflicts...
Error: could not open file /var/lib/pacman/local/js52-52.7.3-1/files: No such file or directory
Warning: could not fully load metadata for package js52-52.7.3-1

From Pamac was impossible to reintall the js52 package, but once reinstalled from terminal:
sudo pacman -S js52
the update went well. A fix for this for the stable branch is definitely needed!


We shouldnt do that:

pacman --noconfirm -S js52

My js52 was currupted so pacman couldnt install it and pacman also couldnt update manjaro-system. The same happens if you lose internet connection right after manjaro-system was updated, but js52 is not downloaded.

We should really think about situations like this and try to find a more clean solution.


I have the exact same issue with Timeshift. as @kdemeoz. I think this should be investigated and hopefully corrected before the next Stable update.


As commented in the update thread

libaio got updated to 0.3.111-1 but lib32-libaio did not and still lists as dependency ‘libaio=0.3.110-1’


new version of manjaro-system ready to testing … just now in testing …


Timeshift issue affect only plasma User?


Timeshift in Deepin testing and Xfce unstable starts normal.


Confirmed. Timeshift in XFCE no issues.


yes, it doesn’t open here


Already pushed to stable, after some additional fixes :wink:


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