[Stable] 2016-07-19 - Snapshot ready to be moved to stable?



Hi community,

we had listen to you and hold back any updates from our stable branch. However, it is now almost three weeks without an update for that branch. People using stable are now wondering if Manjaro has stopped in delivering changes to them. So what is the current status to these packages? Please also check our Announcements for further input on that topic.

  • Snapshot 2016-07-19 is ready to be moved to stable branch
  • There is still an issue with snapshot 2016-07-19, which holds us back (please post in rich detail)

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[Stable] 2016-07-26 - Snapshot ready to be moved to stable?
Is Manjaro still alive & well? Seems so but just checking :-)
No updates since 1 month
[Testing Update] 2016-07-19 - Cinnamon, Bluez, MSM, Xorg-Server

I’ve been running the unstable branch on one of my XFCE laptops for a few days now.
The only “flaw” I’ve noticed is that Manjaro Settings Manager does not get affected by themes from XFCE anymore. It does on stable branch right now.


@Strit: that minor issue you have is already fixed with our dev-builds ages ago :wink: Please check issue #73 once more. cp -a /etc/skel/.config /root/ will do wonders if you have configured your theming …


Well, Just mentioning it, since most people will see this when it hits stable, if the MSM is still the current non-dev version.

Regular users don’t want to copy over files, for a theme to work. Should that step be automated?


There is an annoying issue with icons-only task manager in Plasma 5.
I hope it will be fixed todays release 5.7.2, I think it would be good to wait for that and other fixes as well in that release. It could go tomorrow or so to stable :slight_smile:


For me on Manjaro Plasma edition everything works like it should. on another computer i tried to upgrade to stable just yesterday and it also was stable to use so i dont think there is a but showstopper for me.

however, since Plasma 5.7.2 is near and libinput 1.4 is in arch testing, it would be cool to wait for them.


That’s GNU/Linux blasphemy to automatically change user’s (here root’s) folder by an update, isn’t it? :wink:


True, but why is this change even needed? Shouldn’t MSM still use the theme like it used too?


Is it possible to send to stable only the packages that are not involved in troubles?


I agree.
Wouldn’t it be appropriate to only push the packages that don’t cause troubles?
As a bleeding edge junkie, I’m on the fence to switch to testing just to get the newest software :slight_smile:
No, seriously, I don’t think all the packages are ready to be pushed to stable (I’m looking at you, qt and nvidia!).
I sideloaded the thunderbird package files with pacman -U since this kind of software needs timely updates for security reasons.


Phil, I’m running KDE 5.7.1 in Arch stable.

Regarding Libinput vs. Synaptics: I have noted several slow mouse-scrolling incidents–one notably in Chrome–that has caused me to revert to (now) deprecated libinput in KDE. In Arch + GNOME, libinput works as designed.



Xfce looks fine to update. I m using mostly
Thunar Xfce settings etc dont have any issues.


It all changed with QT 5.7. Every GTK desktop has to adopt to the changes. This also affects KDE in a slight manner. If you run a non-KDE desktop you have to live with gtk2 theme plugin until QT 5.8 series gets release. Another option would be to downgrade to QT 5.6 LTS series. However Arch moved on. In short, QT 5.7 never should get used. And you start MSM as root. If you start it as user you will use the theme which was already chosen.


Well, since Plasma just upped it’s depends to only Qt 5.6 LTS, why not freeze on this until Qt 5.8 is released? I think we can very well live with Qt 5.6 for a while, if 5.7 really gives us such a hard time (speaking as somebody mainly developing in Qt, but currently our projects just switched to 5.6 LTS, so that’s easy for me to say).

At least this version-freeze for one library would have a proper reason coming along with it.


I’m afraid that would cause a pile of problems pretty soon with every package arriving from upstream that has been compiled against Qt 5.7 …


True, didn’t think about the ABI break there.


all packages are tested against each other. this would be useless if we then pick some and send them to stable.
it always needs to send to stable like it was tested in testing.


Im on testing and everything is working as expected, this on plasma 5.7. Just release the thing, do it


I just switched to testing yesterday. Damn :smile:


I can’t say about the chromium icons, but all the rest seems fixed in plasma 5.7.2 I updated today on unstable.