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Hi to all,

I was thinking to switch to Manjaro and looking at all the available desktop environments i was thinking either to use Cinnamon or Budgie. I have tried Budgie in the past when Ubuntu Budgie was released but found that Budgie was a bit unstable and rough at the edges.

So i wonder how stable and clean Budgie desktop is running on Manjaro, anyone who share their thoughts and opinion here?

Many thanks!

I think at this point Budgie is pretty stable, although still a bit rough around the edges. A lot of functionality is fleshed out by the applets available. I think Cinnamon is a deeper, more mature, and more well rounded DE. Historically, though, Budgie has felt faster and snappier to use than Cinnamon, although the most recent Cinnamon ISO I tried seemed improved in this regard. I'm also a bit concerned that upstream Budgie development overall seems slower and less intense than other DE's at the moment.

A month or more ago, I might have recommended trying Deepin Manjaro too, but its future is unclear right now...

I use Cinnamon since one month and I find also a system mature, quickly and easy to use with a complete software library. It s my preferate desktop with Openbox and Jade. GuY.

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I just installed Manjaro Budgie for the first time. I find it pretty stable.
The only thing I don't like about it is the huge list of installed applications by default. I don't really understand why it has so many packages installed by default.

That's just what the community maintainer has decided to include. I think another option is to do the Manjaro Budgie install via Manjaro Architect rather than the standard installer. That way you can pick and choose how much or little you want included...

Addendum: Verified, I checked the Architect page, and it says, "choose your desktop from all current Manjaro editions..."

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Thanks for your replies!

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