SSH into RPi without needing to login to user on RPi

Hello, I basically want to be able to flip the switch to my raspberry pi 4 (without having any monitor or keyboard/mouse connected), and be able to ssh into it from my PC. Currently it looks like I have to login to the desktop on my raspberry before being able to ssh into it from my PC, which is very inconvenient.

I’ve thought about setting up autologin or maybe creating a new standard user account without a password to autologin into, but I’m not sure what to do.

Any help is appreciated,
Thanks :smiley:

It is not needed to login via the DM to login over SSH.

Just make sure your system is connected to the network and no firewall prevents it. If you use Wifi, make sure it connected at boot and not only after you login via the DM.

Oh yes you are right! Turns out the problem was that it was connecting to wifi after login and that’s why it wasn’t working. It works now over configured ethernet.

So could you also point me towards how I can change the behaviour to it automatically connection to the wifi even before login.


I assume you use NetworkManager to set up your Wifi.

Edit the wifi connection and choose the "Wi-Fi Securtity tab. Click on the little, right icon in the password box and choose “Store the password for all user”.

This will store your Wifi password unencrypted in a text file that is only readable by root. But it is unencrypted.

After a reboot, your system should connect to your Wifi before you login via a DM.

Thanks, it was already set to that, and I just had to choose to let all user connect to this network in the general tab.


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You made my day!
I couldn’t SSH to my box and I was about to start messing with random number generators and other complicated stuff I don’t quite comprehend (blame on me, I didn’t googled the right question).

Now I know there’s this option in the Edit Connection General Tab.

Thanks you all.

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