ssh access raspberry pi settings

I have ssh connection from laptop to pi. I have used SSH CLi to install upgrade packages with Pacman. I want to do the following using SSH

  1. Correct my desktop language setting from German to English. CLi is in English. I installed UK English And the desktop displayed in English but next sign in reverts back to German
  2. Access my Desktop GUI from my laptop (Putty + XMing?) I can anyway access CLi see above. How do I see and manage my Desktop? Can anyone point me to step by step instructions? Are there Linux CLi instructions to manage my desktop environment?
  3. I somehow messed up my monitor resolution. In a sign on session my first attempt - the monitor shows an impossible to read zoomed in desktop. I sign out and sign back in again ..absolutely fine. However every time I sign in this is repeated. Can I change this using Linux

I have spent the last couple of hours trying to find step by step instructions and trying stuff out. No satisfaction!

Any help appreciated

I am not complaining that I haven't received a reply. But should this question be in another group and if so how do I do that

Why don't you simply correct this from within the Dekstop?
You can do so in Manjaro Settings Manager.

Look into X11 forwaring over SSH or X2Go.

How did you mess it up?
It sounds like it's missconfigured in /boot/config.txt.

@strit thanks for reply. I have tried with settings manager and it worked. But on next sign in reverted. Both language packs are installed it is a question of switching. I haven't worked out out yet.
My preference is to work from desktop hence desire to use "XMing" in SSH. So if that works and I will explore further then I won't need to do it via CLI. But I like to learn CLI commands as well.

Ref monitor old TV (I was fiddling about trying to find a setting that gave me full as opposed to 2/3rd screen. Pressed confirm in belief I could change it later (like Windows) but could no longer see enough of screen to work out how to change back. So now I connect - rubbish resolution sign off and on good resolution. This repeats each time I sign on. So my thinking was to check it out remotely either in settings or using CL1.

I am waiting for delivery of dedicated 7" touch monitor so hopefully that will make it easier.

I only an enthusiastic beginner, but like what I see and read about Manjaro very much. I just would like to learn how to get best advantage from it.

Thanks for your help

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