SSD with full encryption (LUKS) => TRIM needed?

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in all computers of my family (two desktops and three notebooks) SSD hard disks are used, on which Manjaro, EndeavourOS and Vanilla Arch are running, where the machines with Manjaro are my productive systems. On each of these computers, the SSDs are fully encrypted with LUKS, which I consider especially important on the notebooks. All systems are installed on BTRFS, including timeshift snapshots.

In general, it is recommended to use TRIM to increase the lifetime of an SSD. However, automatic trimming is not known to work with Cryptsetup in the default configuration. On the other hand, the controller of modern SSDs already takes care of some memory optimizations.
What would you recommend me? Should I configure Cryptsetup to allow automatic trimming, should I do a different base configuration, or is it fine as is? Of course I want optimal speed and long lifetime of the SSDs, but I don’t want to neglect the security aspect completely.

(I mainly use two Kingston 2.5" SATA SSD A400 960 GB, two 1TB SSDs from Western Digital (Green WD) and one with 500 GB from InnovationIT)

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Thanks for your answer, Olli, but I think the intention of my question was somewhat misunderstood. I am aware that you can enable automatic trimming on LUKS-encrypted SSDs via manual configuration. However, this is not enabled by default - as far as I know, for security reasons. The question now is whether one should activate the trimming by manual interventions in the crypttab and the mkinitcpio.conf in order to preserve lifetime and performance of the SSD or whether it is better to leave it as it is in order not to make the LUKS encryption completely obsolete.