SSD no longer mounting

2 days ago I could no longer access one of my ssd’s. I have 2 nvme ssd’s and 2regular ssd’s and 1 hdd.
Now all of a sudden there is new partiions on the one that is no longer working right and I am getting some kind of weird message about windows in gparted. I havn’t booted into windows in a couple years. I don’t think that is the drive windows is mounted on.

Is there a way to fix this without reformatting and losing everything?

Well its labeled as NTFS and msftdata … so its probably not linux.

Seems gparted has already told you what to do.

IF you want to ignore it and find some other tool … there are some, for example in the AUR.
I will not name any here because … well, I dont know of any that will reliably do the job. Some are downright dangerous. IF you really care … use windoze/chkdsk.

What I can suggest is booting some other media that contains the tool.
Hirens Boot CD is one such example.

That error happens when you don’t properly shutdown a Micro$@$ OS, make sure to disable fastboot in the UEFI-BIOS also…

NTFS is a filesystem for Micro$@$ OS, not Linux…
To fix filesystems of other OS’s it’s best to use the tools provided by that OS to fix things…

  • When a filesystem seems corrupted, you always have a risk that you loose some stuff on it while fixing it, there is no other way…
  • Having the risk does not mean you will always loose stuff, but it’s a chance depending on the severity of the corruption.

You mean Fast Boot in WINDOWS, right? Disabling Fast Boot in the BIOS will do nothing here. At best it helps to boot if you can not with Fast Boot enabled (because Fast Boot in the BIOS will not enumerate all hardware to POST), but that’s about it.

Disabling Fast Boot (or Fast Startup) on Windows, however, will stop hibernating the system when you shutdown, and will not let the file system in a dirty state.

It actually happens when you shutdown Windows as it doesn’t do a real shutdown by default. It doesn’t when you reboot as it actually does a clean reboot then.

Uhmmm yea you must be right, i’m not a Micro$@$ user since a few decades so i might be off with exact naming in that area :wink:
Note: I also said “properly”, which hints at the wrong default… :wink: