SQL query training for analyzing data with R

Hey there! I know there are R, Python and whatever Data Science and Data Engineer enthusiasts out there in this forum so I try my luck.

I have somewhat like four years of light experience in programming with R privately and now have some few months left before I leave university. I want to work as a (Junior) Data Scientist / Data Analyst after graduating and the position requires me to work with Oracle databases.

I have never worked with databases (just have some theoretical knowledge about relational databaes) and have asked myself if there are projects out there with files and solutions where I can train SQL queries and putting my structered data together.

Oracle would be perfect but in worst case it can be PostgreSQL, MySQL and anything else, too. Right now I have ordered a book on SQL so forgive me if I havn’t the right words for what I want yet.

Does anyone know a service that offers training projects that include database files? It can be a a program I need to pay for monthly or one time depending on the time I save using the method and it doesn’t have to be a course with a certificate. I’m asking it in this forum because I doubt I can find a service without setting it up myself in Manjaro. Proof me wrong!

Thank you in advance!