spotify crashing?

its been since last year around dec. it updated and now just crashes and know a fix i installed it through snap.

I have the AUR version installed which runs fine, if that is an option for you.

through octopi i assume i did that the one just called spotifty but it crashed the same but it may have been because the old files being there

Always assume AUR packages needs to be rebuild after updates.

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sorry was with family for the day. how do it do it exactly? ps thanks for the help yesterday

Just install it again (no need to uninstall first). The rule is, if AUR packages stop working after update, then you need to reinstall them. It happens for some packages, for others - never. So it depends.

But I'm confused. Do you have Spotify from snap or AUR then?

had it form snap deleted it fully.(it worked around late dec-early jan) tired the aur didnt work reinstalled again and failied. also sorry ive been late to reply lately

I'm having the same issue. Just installed manjaro today and installed spotify from the AUR repos. Spotify instantly crashes when I launch it.

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