Split screen in manjaro

Hey guys, full noob in Linux, I just made a search on how to split screen on Linux and I saw x-tiles package and material shell, which is better and why?, plus can i use the default keyboard combination with any? (Ctrl + → in question)

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Both are an attempt to turn a stacking/floating WM (Window Manager) into a tiling WM. It’s better to get a real Tilling WM, like I3WM or SwayWM.

I think Screen-left and Screen-right shortcuts would do that, ending up with a 50/50 screen split of whatever apps.

It would be helpful if you have said what desktop environment you use. The basic functionality is built in and you do not need any other package. At least on xfce. It just has to be turned on. Quote from the XFCE forum:

Yes, Xfce supports a similar type of window tiling. To enable it, make sure that Settings Manager > Window Manager Tweaks > Accessibility tab > “Automatically tile windows…” is selected. To set keyboard shortcuts, go to Settings Manager > Window Manager > Keyboard tab, and set the desired keyboard shortcuts for the “Tile window to the …” events.

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