Spectacle constantly shows previous screenshot

I press Print Screen first time (after system boot) and it's ok, but further atemps to make screenshot give the same image in Spectable window, no matter how much times I press it.

Spectacle will automatically take a screenshot when its opened.

but if you want a new screenshot press the Take a new screenshot button, also you can add a delay of a few seconds, if the problem persists - restart spectacle.

using the Print Screen keyboard button might not always work out


Take a new screenshot does exactly the same thing, when I press it once it works, next time it shows screenshot form the past (before last one). Problem persist couple of days after reboots, closings and reopenings.

yes that happened to me as well, so i made some changes to the default settings

change what to capture in the Area to active window or windows under cursor
add a 2-3 seconds delay
uncheck On Click

look at my settings

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It works now (when I made as you said), but even without delay. Thanks a lot!

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Actually, it continues to behave badly. Now even that doesn't help. Who knows how to bind another application with 'print screen' button (after you already installed it) ?

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