Specific Wallpaper Request



Where can I find the wallpaper shown in the attached screenshot? It is not on my system, i can’t find it using Google search.

Thank you in advance.


On my system it is in /usr/share/backgrounds.

The source is @Ste74 repo

but I have to ask - how did you get the screen shot?


Thank you very much. I downloaded it from the repo. I checked the /usr/share/backgrounds file location and it was not there.


I think it was in the Gnome 17.0 alpha1 announcement thread.


I reckon it’s only distributed with the gnome release - hence in my backgrounds folder and not in yours. Good I could help :slight_smile:

Thought something like that but it was fun to ask :slight_smile:


it is always a good idea to look in my wallpaper collection: https://github.com/excalibur1234/manjaro-wallpapers
simply download the entire github repository.
but be warned, it is huge and does not contain all manjaro wallpapers. some wallpapers were collected by me multiple times.


Any artworks by community editions ( oberon and my sure ) are in the repsective pkg in our repo … if you want gnome artworks simply install the gnome-wallpapers pkgs provided by me … ( for cinnamon etc the respective pkgs by oberon ) :wink:


Thank you!


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i have just changed the properties of the “artwork” category.
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