Speakers Not Detected

Hello, I have a set of Trust speakers plugged via 3.5mm Jack in the back of my desktop PC. On Windows they work fine and are seen by the OS. On Manjaro, only my USB plugged headphones and monitor speakers are detected. Any tips or help for solving this unconvenient issue?

What is a Trust speaker?

Did you try Alsamixer yet?

Go in terminal and write alsamixer enter, then press f6 and choose your right Soundcard… there you should see more options.

Always post your system information in a help topic.

I guess you using Onboard Sound, you probably have a Realtek soundcard.

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I suggest check if the speakers are shown as connected and available in PipeWire/PulseAudio

pactl list cards

and if the Active Profile for built-in audio card is set to include output:analog-stereo to play audio to front and rear jacks for headphones/speakers

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