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I’m trying to use Kibana and I believe there is an issue in the way it is packaged and before reporting any further, I wanted to experiment a bit on my machine first.
Using octopi, I see that it comes from the “community” repository, so I went to the manjaro gitlab repositories then in those categories : packages -> community

But I could not find the kibana subproject in there. Obviously, I did not look in the right place, but I could not find it. Would you guys have another suggestion?


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It’s not there because Kibana is packaged from Arch Linux, not from the Manajro team. It finds its way to the Manajro repositories after they’re synced from the Arch repositories. See here how this works.

Manjaro GitLab contains only packages that are packaged/developed by the Manjaro team.

Kibana in Arch repos:

Source files in Arch Linux GitHub:

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Somehow I could not find the package at Arch, but now that you mention it, it’s quite obvious.
And I was even able to modify the package to create my own version that does not exhibit the issue I was having.

Thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direct, I’ll now move on to notify Arch about my findings on this package.

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