Source Games Lag For No Reason

I have a issue with manjaro regarding gaming. The problem has been here since I installed manjaro, I just now decided to use Linux for gaming because of the good experiences I previously had with linux gaming (like high framerate, etc). The problem really only includes one type of games, all other games run fine. Games that run on source engine lag for absolutely no reason. Team Fortress 2 lags, even though otherwise the framerate is fine. The game lags on specific locations on the map, but I still haven’t been able to find out why. Also, the game only lags on multiplayer. The game runs perfect on singleplayer. I know my computer is not the most powerful, but I have played this game on Pop_OS, Windows 10, and Linux mint, and TF2 had no problems whatsoever. It’s very annoying having to switch to Windows to play my games when I know the only thing stopping me from playing on Linux is this lag problem. This problem only happens on source games. Thank you for reading through this, I hope you have a solution.

Kernel: 5.10.36-2
Manjaro Version: Omara 21.0.5
CPU: Intel Core i5-2430M @2C4T, 2.4GHz
GPU: Intel HD-3000