SoundBlasterX AE-5 Plus

Hello guys,
I have a SoundBlaster on dual boot machine. My main problem is if I am switching from Manjaro to Windows, sound is distorted and I need to shutdown and start again.
and also how to switch from headphones to speakers with KDE except alsamixer method

See this discussion regarding distortion problem in other OS - Sound Blaster AE-5 plus resets audio channels on restart

Switching between headphones and speakers requires changing one ALSA control, usually called Output Select (but Creative make many versions of AE-5 cards and some have different names for controls)

One alternative to using alsamixer is:

  1. Work out commands needed to switch the ALSA mixer control to either Headphone or Speaker output
  2. Use the commands in a script to toggle between Headphone and Speaker
  3. Create a keyboard shortcut or desktop launcher to run the toggle script

get ALSA audio device card numbers and names

cat /proc/asound/cards

and use the Soundblaster card number to get ALSA mixer control in text format
(e.g. if card number is 1):

amixer --card=1

To show the information needed to create the commands and script

script would be similar to this

## toggle speakers/headphone output

# check if speakers are set for output
if (amixer --card=1 sget "Output Select" | grep "Item0: 'Speakers'") > /dev/null;
    # set headphone output
    amixer --quiet --card=1 sset "Output Select" Headphone
    # select speaker output
    amixer --quiet --card=1 sset "Output Select" Speakers
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