Sound Output Volume randomly attenuating after latest (Oct 2020) updates

This is the new post after my previous post Audio Not Balanced after latest update

After more research I found that the audio playback levels were dropping randomly after a few minutes. Initially they were dropping all the way down to 5%. (As measured by the pulse-audio volume control…the KDE volume would not move…)

How should I proceed?

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This is what caused the “balance” problem. At this point the two controls would be “uncoupled”. After fiddling around with some settings I got it so that the pulseaudio control would drop from 66% (my setting) to 56%. The ultimate solution was to use “hdajackretask” from alsa-tools. I turned off the front panel ports (which are not connected) and the SPDIF output.

Personally if feel these adjustment should be found in the MOBO-BIOS settings. I’m also using the LADSPA-EQ The audio codec is a RealTek ALC887. I posted this as both the problem and solution in case more folks have this problem after the latest round of updates. I never had (or noticed) any audio issues before this.

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