Sound output is too low on a fresh install

I have maxed out both device and application (I tried YouTube with Firefox) sounds, the sound is still significantly quieter than that on Windows with which my Manjaro install is dual booting.
The solution suggested in Sound is very quiet does not work because there is no PCM1 parameter in my alsamixer output.

Can be also PCM … no number attached to it.

Please get detailed ALSA information and post the link to the uploaded data

sudo --upload

There is no PCM* bars in my alsamixer.
Actually I am not quite sure whether the change I affected in alsamixer bars has taken effect. For instance when I execute ‘alsamixer’, the first display I see is this picture.


Then by pressing F6 to change sound card, this appears

, and select sof-hda-dsp, I got this

After all this, I exited and run sudo alsactl store

I am actually not quite sure what pressing F6 then selecting ‘sof-hda-dsp’ does. Does it only show what are available for that sound card or does it also change the default sound card to it?

This is the link .

There are warning messages in the final section of data !!ALSA/HDA dmesg for sof-audio-pci `
that indicate the firmware ABI and topology ABI are more recent than the kernel ABI

I suggest you install kernel v5.13 and see if that has a more recent kernel ABI

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I installed 5.13 kernel and confirmed that it’s the one running. The alsamixer info is uploaded here . There does not seem to be the warnings that were in the last section previously. But opening alsamixer, I still cannot find any PCM* bars, see below

The sound is also low as before.

Still following.
The problem is the low maximum sound when running Manjaro. Any method that works in increasing the sound level is helpful. Is alsamixer indeed the only known solution to this issue?

Audio codecs on Ice Lake (and some of the other lakes)

Differential comparison of the 2 data sets for ALSA shows an improvement in the recognition of the soundcard

!!Soundcards recognised by ALSA

 0 [sofhdadsp      ]: sof-hda-dsp - sof-hda-dsp

The last line previously only showed: sof-hda-dsp

And most of the error messages from before have gone
but the final stage of loading the Intel SST driver skl_hda_dsp_generic is failing at an early stage

I have found some comparison data online from another Manjaro user that looks promising
Intel Ice Lake-LP Smart Sound Technology Audio Controller
Latest scan with kernel v5.14 is showing a new driver

Audio:     Device-1: Intel Ice Lake-LP Smart Sound Audio vendor: Hewlett-Packard driver: sof-audio-pci-intel-icl 
           bus-ID: 00:1f.3 chip-ID: 8086:34c8 class-ID: 0401

and the dmesg data is showing skl_hda_dsp_generic is detecting 3 hifi profiles and all the analog and digital inputs and outputs (except for a couple of HDMI outputs)

So kernel v5.14 appears to have been patched to support this audio codec, but it might still need some ALSA package updates (alsa-ucm-conf)

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