Sound not working properly on Huawei Matebook D14

Hey everyone!

So I’ve had a Matebook D14 (Ryzen 3700U) for a little while now but have had some problems with it since day 1. I’ve tried many different linux distros but all have the same problem, which is the audio. I’m currently using Manjaro (just installed today) and I’m pretty set on it, even though it has more issues than the others. I’ve also made sure everything is up to date.

To start, I can’t get any external microphone to work at all (both 3.5 jack and bluetooth). The internal microphone isn’t that great sounding but it works, however sometimes it becomes extremely loud and inaudible. I also have a Sony WH-1000XM3 headset but the audio is constantly starting/stopping, however I also have galaxy buds which work flawlessly, with the exception of the microphone issue.

I also have trouble with the battery and trackpad but as of right now I would prefer to focus on the audio issue as it is currently hindering me from doing my university work.

Thanks heaps, UnoDeaj05 :slight_smile:

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